Congratulations, you've found our new collection of stills taken from the National Archives collection of films by combat cameramen of the U.S. Army's Signal Corps.

To keep both the armed forces and the public informed as to the war�s status,  the Signal Corps had its Army Pictorial Service film crews deployed throughout the world shooting combat footage. This footage was promptly returned to Washington for dissemination to planning staffs and commanders. Declassified versions were disseminated as newsreels for the general public�s viewing.

An estimated 30 percent to 50 percent of each newsreel shown to the public at commercial motion-picture theaters across the world was comprised of Signal Corps footage.

Corregidor was comprehensively filmed,  but much of the film taken there has not been seen in the public domain due to the overwhelming coverage of combat in the ETO, and the limited knowledge of the significance of the operation.

Presently there are 83 frames  in this series.  Submissions of captions are invited from Rock Force veterans. oto) ps, and  all  personnel are busy checking out their weapons and equipment. 



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