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col. KENNETH KINSLER, Commanding.


At this time the unit was the 503d Parachute Infantry Regiment with a strength of about 1824 men, 5 warrant officers, and 140 officers. 


"To CO, Co E: Your No One plane No. 1 man Col Kinsler, 2 Lottery Winner, 3 radio operator, 4 Col's orderly."


A Corporal from D Compsny won the lottery, which had two prizes - the first is the right to jump in the No. 2 position in the lead aircraft immediately after Col. Kinsler, and the second was six hundred Australian pounds. Captain Mitchell won the officer's lottery, of eighty Australian pounds.


(At the time, 600 Australian Pounds would have purchased a small bungalow or a luxury car.)


Photograph Courtesy of Daniel MacRaild - Presentation and Retouched Image 2008 All Rights Reserved - Corregidor Historic Society & 503d PRCT Heritage Bn