If it wasn't for Bill Bailey, neither the photos nor I would be here. I had a camera too, and took a bunch of photos - but at the time pictures were not very important. Bill would seek Jap artifacts, and I suppose he was trading these to the Air Corps for film.  He had an extensive collection of nose art, and many black & white shots besides.   About 1990, he sent me a series of colored prints, which I hadn't known existed, and which tells the 503d PRCT story eloquently, so I'll relate it to you. The black and white photos are mine, the colour photos are Bill's. 

The other fellow is 1st Lt. Walter P. Massey, a good man.  He came to us on Noemfoor and was transferred to the 511th PIR at while we were at Mindoro before the Corregidor jump. His arrival at Noemfoor was late. He replaced Tom Clyde as Co. Exec. (rank). Nice fellow from Virginia . Walter disappeared one day, no one, even Bailey, had any idea of why the transfer to the 511th.  

2006  Bill Bailey, William T Calhoun & 503d PRCT Heritage Bn