Order of Names








Brigadier General Richard C. Drum (Mexican and Civil War)


Brigadier General Royal Thaxter Frank (Civil War)


Major-General Robert P. Hughes (Mexican and Civil War)


Brigadier General Samuel Meyers Mills, Jr. (Chief of Artillery 1905-1906)


Brigadier General Theodore J. Wint (Civil War, Spanish-American War and Filipino-American Wars)

 SEACOAST BATTERIES: (Fixed and Semi-Fixed)






Battery Concepcion*

Notes:  named due to the vicinity of old Barrio Concepcion, Fort Mills Corregidor Island.


Battery Cheney

1st Lt. Ward Cheney, Infantry  (KIA, Philippines 1900)


Battery Craighill

Brigadier General William P. Craighill  (Chief of Engineers, 1895 – 1897)


Battery Crockett

2nd Lt. Allen T. Crockett, Infantry  (KIA, Candelaria, Philippines 1901)


Battery Crofton

Captain William M. Crofton, Infantry  (Died 1907)


Battery Cushing

1st Lt. Alonzo Heresford Cushing, Artillery  (KIA, Gettysburg, US 1863)


Battery Flake

2nd Lt. Campbell W. Flake, Infantry  (KIA Marawi, Mindanao, Phils 1904)


Battery Fuger

Lt. Colonel Frederick Fuger, Field Artillery (Medal of Honor, Gettysburg 1863)


Battery Geary

Captain Woddbridge Geary, Infantry (MWIA, Malabon Philippines 1899)


Battery Gillespie

Major General George Lewis Gillespie, Jr. (Chief of Engineers 1901-1903)


Battery Greer

Colonel John E. Greer, Ordnance Department (Died Sept. 19, 1907)


Battery Grubbs

1st Lt. Haydon Young Grubbs, Infantry (KIA Negros, Philippines 1899)


Battery Hall

2nd Lt. Joseph H. Hall, Infantry (KIA, Simpitan, Mindanao, 5/8/1904)


Battery Hamilton

Captain Alvah H. Hamilton, CAC (KIA, Fort Mills, Jan. 2, 1942)


Battery Hanna

Captain Guy G.B. Hanna, Field Artillery (Died in service accident 5/23/1913)


Battery Hearn

Brigadier General Clint Calvin Hearn, FA-CAC (CO Harbor Defenses of Manila and Subic Bays 1919, American Expiditionary Force – WWI)


Battery Hooker*

Notes:  Battery Hooker was named after Hooker Point located at the tail of Corregidor Island.  Hooker Point got its name from the cable laying ship “HOOKER” which ran aground on Razor Rock Point in 1901.


Battery Hoyle

Brigadier General Eli DuBose Hoyle, Field Artillery (Died, Wash. DC 1921)


Battery James

1st Lt. John F. James, Infantry (KIA, Leyte, Philippine 1906)


Battery Jewell

2nd Lt. James M. Jewell, Cavalry (MWIA, Jolo Philippines 1905)


Battery Keyes, (Maxwell)

2nd Lt. Maxwell Keyes (KIA Philippines 1899)



Battery Koehler

1st Lt. Edgar F. Koehler, Infantry (KIA Philippines, March1900)


Battery Kysor

Captain Benjamin Bennet Kysor, M.D, Medical Corps (MWIA, Fort Mills, Dec. 29, 1941)


Battery Leach

Colonel Smith Stallard Leach, Corps of Engineers, GSC (OC of Engineers 1907-1909)


Battery Levagood

1st Lt. George E. Levagood, CAC (KIA, Fort Mills, April 1942)


Battery Marshall

Brigadier General Lewis Marshall, Corps of Engineers, (Chief of Engineers 1908-1910)


Battery Martin

(No information)


Battery McRea

Brigadier General Tully B McRea, Artillery (Died 1916)


Battery Morrison

1st Lt. John Morrison, Jr., Cavalry (KIA, Gapan, Luzon Philippines 1901)


Battery Ramsay

1st Lt. Charles R. Ramsay, Infantry (MWIA, Lipa, Batangas, Philippines 1901)


Battery Roberts

Brigadier General Benjamin K. Roberts, Field Artillery (Chief of Artillery, 1905)


Battery Smith

Brigadier General Frank G. Smith, Field Artillery (Retired 1903)


Battery Warwick

Captain Oliver B. Warwick, Infantry (KIA, Pasig, Philippines 1899)


Battery Way

2nd Lt. Henry Newell Way, Infantry (KIA, Villa Vieja, Philippines 1900)


Battery Wheeler

Captain David Porter Wheeler, Infantry (MWIA Marawi, Mindanao 1904)


Battery Williams

1st Lt. George R. Williams, CAC (Philippine Scouts) (KIA, Abucay, Bataan on Jan 1942)


Battery Wilson

Brigadier General Moulder Wilson, Corps of Engineers (Chief of Engineers, 1897-1901)


Battery Woodruff  (Fort Hughes)

Brigadier General Carle Augustus Woodruff, (Civil War, Medal of Honor with 4 other citations for gallantry)


Battery Woodruff (Fort Wint)

1st Lt. Harry A. Woodruff, Infantry (KIA, Simpitan, Mindanao 5/8 1904)


Table compiled by Mr. Tony Feredo:

Main Source for Battery Names is the "Report of Operations, Harbor Defenses of Manila and Subic Bays, 8 December 1941-6 May, 1942" Exhibit C.  

The secondary source is the Army Engineer 200:1 Map of Corregidor dated 31 March 1936.

Full names, ranks & service of fort honorees from the "Order of Battle of the United States Land Forces in the World War, Zone of the Interior", Vol III, courtesy of Mr. George D. Munson.

Full names, ranks & service of battery honorees from General Orders, courtesy of Mr. Glen M. Williford, confirmed in some batteries from photographs of dedications at battery site.