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As the result of our Digital Ordnance Map Project, we have withdrawn much of our Free-To-Internet Collection and are concentrating upon the delivery of digital maps - the highest quality maps of Corregidor, available anywhere.

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Limited Resolution Maps  (downloadable) 

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Map of Luzon, Philippine Islands 1941  - with overlay of Communications Net American Dispositions 8 December 1941

Map of Luzon, Philippine Islands 1941  - with overlay of Centrifugal Offensive 10 December 1941 - 6 May 1942 - Fourteenth Army Operations on Luzon


   Map of Luzon, Philippine Islands 1941  - with overlay of Invasion of Luzon and the Advance to Manila - 9 January -4 February 1945

  Map of Luzon, Philippine Islands 1941  - with overlay of Final Operations on  Luzon - 3 February 1945 - 20 July 1945

  U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Map, Manila - AMS Series S501, Map ND 51-5, published July 1955. Scale 1:250,000  




Elevation Map based on 150 ft contours, with major roads and installations.
(81KB) (1.0MB)


We no longer link the satellite photos as these are now available via GoogleMap.


We no longer link this map and have replaced it with
two DigiMap versions,
one of the eight 1921 Maps in a hot-link PDF Binder format,
 and the other as a single-file Digital Map.

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We have withdrawn this map from free-to-air  and have replaced it with
a digital version.

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 The 4th Marines Defense Sector Map 

*.jpg (54 Kb)(Internet Version) 

*.jpg (468 Kb)(Members CD ROM Version)


A detailed map of the mysterious RJ-43 tunnel drawn by Bow Porter and Bob McGetchin.  (111K)

mapbatn_small.jpg (3633 bytes)


Details of the Situation on Bataan January-April 1942,  including the area of first Japanese penetrations, Corps areas of responsibility, the Battle of the Pockets, and the Battle of the Points. (54.8K)



This widely reproduced drawing of Malinta Tunnel, featuring the hospital and QM laterals. (28.6K)

Our digital mapping project has established that it is inaccurate.





Beyond the QM laterals are the NAVY Laterals. This map was drawn by Ed R. Michaud in 1983 based upon his research into the storage of silver and gold in the 1941-42 period, and cannot be vouched for, particularly in the now collapsed areas. There are, in fact, four Navy tunnels on the western side of Malinta Hill, named Queen, Roger, Sugar and Tare. It's not known whether the Q-R-S-T lexicon is of any significance.  Don Abbott has recorded 20 entrances of varying sizes which exit and ventilate the Malinta Hill. (40.6K)

Our digital mapping project has established that it is inaccurate.





Exhibit "B" to the Moore Report, this illustrates the mine fields which linked Corregidor to Bataan to the north and Cavite in the south. Both the Army and Navy minefields are shown. (50.1K)





Battery Ramsay was virtually obliterated when  a direct aerial hit  penetrated its magazine, courtesy of The Jolly Rogers.  During the siege in 1941-42, Al McGrew manned a MG pit in front of gun #1, and he's applied his talents in illustrating the battery as it then was. (79.7K)




Battery Way, plan view.  Fortunately for Corregidoros, Btty. Way has survived the war, the scrappers, and the tourists.  It remains the best example of the battery architecture of the times. (91.7K)




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