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Karl Welteke is a retired USN Diver, sharing his time between Hawaii and the Philippines. This article was first published in his
PI-Sailor's Albums  Photobucket Website




Sometimes it takes a few visits to notice changes on Corregidor. I noticed these changes in February 2010, and felt that I should report just what I have seen. Namely, that


Scrapping continues on Corregidor today, 2010! As every year since 2004 (for me) we (students of history) gathered on Corregidor to raise the US 48 Star Flag on 16th Feb. on the Old Spanish Flag Pole. This year was the 65th anniversary of the outstanding assault on Corregidor by the Allied Forces in 1945 and on that day a paratrooper climbed a pole, under fire, and fastened the US Colors to it to fly again over Corregidor.

As always we come to Corregidor with certain goals to see or find this or that we have noted on our lists to do. During this visit we came to the conclusion that here and there the scrapping of metal still continuous today. It is a serious thing because it means people rip, chisel and saw the rebar out of the still existing concrete structures and so cause them to a faster demise. It is not wide spread but we certainly noticed it this time. In this album we tried to document by before and after images as to what we noticed this time. There is a 3 door heavy concrete bunker near Infantry Point and all of us immediately came to the conclusion that scrapping has been going on here recently. This bunker is not marked on any map! Infantry Point where we noticed recent scrapping.

EXAMPLE #1. (TOP) - This picture is from the 30th Jan 2004 and no scrapping is visible on the smooth section of the left wall. This is the east entrance of the 3 door heavy concrete bunker at Infantry Point.

EXAMPLE #1. (BELOW) - This is the same wall but 17th Jan 2010.The rebar has been ripped out and was sawed off and it looks very fresh. On this image my friend Tom just found my camera storage disks and is looking at them. I hadnít noticed that I lost them. Thanks Tom!!!

EXAMPLE #1 (ABOVE)  - Detail of the work



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