No. 76 - MAY 6, 1942 The Navy Department today issued the following communique, based on reports received up to 3 p. m. X Far East X 1 X Several messages from the Navy personnel at Corregidor were received in the Navy Department this morning X Just before the fall of this small island fortress which these men have helped to defend so gallantly, the commander of the naval forces at Corregidor, Capt. Kenneth M. Hoeffel, U. S. N., joined his officers and men in sending a last message of loyalty, devotion, and good cheer to their country, their families and their friends X 2 X  Captain Hoeffel reported that the mine sweeper Tanager, and the river gunboat Oahu had been sunk by enemy gunfire from Bataan and that the mine sweeper Pigeon had been sunk by bombers X The river gunboat, Luzon, and the mine sweeper, Quail, were severely damaged by gunfire and were sunk by U. S. forces when capture appeared imminent X All local small craft in the vicinity were demolished by our forces X 3 X When Corregidor fell, there were approximately 175 officers and 2,100 men of the Navy, and 70 officers and 1,500 men of the Marine Corps in the defending forces X Col. Samuel L. Howard is the senior officer of the Marine Corps personnel on the island X It is assumed that all of these officers and men have been captured and will be held as prisoners of war X 4 X So far as is known no casualties resulted from any of the above sinkings X 5 XThere is nothing to report from other areas XX MESSAGE REPEATS X






Main Graphic - 2000 Courtesy of Martin Spirit