Charles H. Bradford M.D. 



Combat Over Corregidor
By Charles H. Bradford M.D.

The fully restored text of the intimate, first hand account of the premier combat jump of the Pacific War, published in hardcover and paperback for the first time.

COMBAT OVER CORREGIDOR is a tribute to the humanity, camaraderie, teamwork and strength of purpose of the ordinary American citizen soldier in the 1940's rather than a sequential retelling of individual battles on a distantly relevant Philippine battlefield.

Charlie Bradford, who wrote this book, was a surgeon in the Second Battalion, 503rd Parachute Infantry Regiment, when it retook Corregidor in one of the most dangerous airborne envelopments of World War II.

"Wherever you were, you could turn around and Charlie would be there," one veteran later commented. It was a life defining moment for all of them. But throughout his life, though, Charlie would talk little of it, and then not to people who weren't there.  Instead, he wrote this manuscript, which he forbade from publishing until after his death. He did allow it to be used as an Anonymous reference source for books written about Corregidor by the Belotes, Devlin and Flanagan.

The full manuscript remained an insider's secret for over fifty years, being copied and passed from trooper to trooper. For this edition, we have restored almost all of the original trooper's names to the original text. Now the manuscript can  take its crucial place in the 503d PRCT's History and Heritage.

The book also contains the entire series of the States Photographs which were originally published in Templeman's now rare Return to Corregidor book. These are reproduced in exquisite detail, copied not from Templeman's cloudy versions, but from scans of first generation photographic prints made from the original negatives by master photographer Fred Hill. Every face is crystal-clear and the troopers are easily recognized.

There are also 17 full page full color photographs of Corregidor Then & Now  battlefields, buildings and scenery, and three full page black and white aerial photographs of the invasion as it happened. The text is enhanced by 112 black and white photographs spread throughout its glossy 160 pages.

The book is professionally printed by a "print on demand" company and its selling price reflects printing and production costs and our 'not for profit' status. We remain a volunteer, donation based group.

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Combat Over Corregidor appears as a joint project of The 503d Parachute Regimental Combat Team Association of World War II Inc., and the Heritage Bn.  We are privately supported by The Corregidor Historic Society and a group of like-minded individuals. Join us and make sure that we'll be here the next time you are.

Combat Over Corregidor 2002 The Charles H. Bradford Estate;