A map study brought out the important features of CORREGIDOR before a decision was made as to the selection of possible drop zones. CORREGIDOR is a tadpole-shaped island only 7,000 yards long. Its bulbous head, commonly called Topside is 2,300 yards in diameter and surrounded by precipitous cliffs that rise well over 500 feet out of the water. It gradually tapers down to the North and South Docks and is commonly called Bottomside. The distance between the North and South Docks is 500 feet and does not exceed 25 feet above the water's edge. Arising almost straight up from Bottomside to a towering 4OO feet is MALINTA HILL, the second most important piece of key terrain on the island. This key terrain feature dominates all the remainder of the island that extends to East Point on the eastern tip of the island.




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