Selected and prepared by
United Nations War Crimes Commission



My reason for including this feature is to enhance the reference material available to students looking into the historical and comparative analysis of war crimes trials involving command responsibility in order to determine the standards of conduct required of a military commander.

This 15-volume series was selected and prepared by the United Nations War Crimes Commission and published by His Majesty's Stationery Office in 1947.

The series summarizes the course of the more important proceedings taken against individuals accused of war crimes during World War II, excluding the major war criminals tried by the Nuremberg and Tokyo International Military Tribunals. These representative trials of war criminals were selected for this series based on the major points of municipal and international law that were raised and settled during the trials as well as the potential for the greatest legal interest.

For example, Volume 4 includes the trial of General Tomoyuki Yamashita, which needs to be familiar for anyone serious about dealing with the command responsibilities involving the Battle of Manila. .

Each volume begins with a unique introduction by the Right Honorable Lord Wright of Durley, Chairman of the United Nations War Crimes Commission. Original volumes (and pdf copies) of this series may be found in the collections of The Judge Advocate General's Legal Center & School Library, U.S. Army, Charlottesville, Virginia External Link and the Library of Congress (Library of Congress Call Number JX6731.W3 U6; OCLC Number 122275472). For related materials also available on this Web site, see  The Case of General Yamashita: A Memorandum .

The Volumes are presented in FlippingBook format,courtesy of LTC & Mrs RWW (R), E/2/503/173 69-70. Each contains a control allowing the download of the original pdf file. Volume 15 contains the Digest of Laws and Cases.


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