I'd like you to see this site as I intended it.  Design-wise, font-wise, and content wise. Mostly that means fonts.


  I've used 'character' fonts.  If  you don't have these fonts installed, you're missing out, big-time. So as not to complicate life too much, I have tried to limit fonts to four 'effects' fonts, - and if you don't already have them on your system, you really should start looking for them. 
    If this text doesn't look like it's been typed on an old typewriter, then you don't have the P22 Typewriter font.



If this text doesn't look like handwriting, then you don't have the TexasHero font.


    If this text doesn't look like you'd see it reading THE TIMES , then you don't have the Palatino Linotype font.
    If this doesn't slook like an uneven, sharp  scrip, you do not have the Viner Hand ITC font.
    In 2003, I created the CHS MEMBERSHIP CD as a way to give people a stand alone web experience, because so few people had decent download facilities in those days. It included ways and means to obtain and install them. I am discontinuing the CD for the moment, as technology has progressed, and our sites have improved significantly in the intervening years. There are literally thousands of pages in the sites today that aren't in the CD.

Cheap Charlies, who believe that the internet should give them everything for free, can search the font name together with the words "free" and "download" - for example, Googling "P22 Typewriter font free download"  can lead you to a number of sources for P22 Typewriter, which is the most widely used font throughout our websites. There are traps for Cheap Charlies, and if you fall into them, don't ask us, we just help members and donors. Get the idea?

If you are a donor or a paid member of the Society, and need the fonts, e-mail me and I will help with a more direct means.


  Fonts can be a problem if you are viewing us via an Apple-based product.  I have been doing pages through Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7 fonts. If you know how to embed fonts, kindly volunteer your services to help us.



Firstly, we're  not a website  for casual web-surfers.  We're HUGE!  At last count, we are in fact, TEN websites.  We're not designed for two hour tours because we don't like two-hour tourists.  Just like a freshman doesn't expect to get a Master's Degree in first semester, don't think you can read our site in a single weekend.

Because we have common threads that interset on Corregidor, there are relationships between the sites which might confuse you. Think of them as being like Disney World - a number of areas arranged around a core, many with their own entrances, and sharing a main entrance as well.


I have obtained permissions to reprint many materials which, though elsewhere on the net, may not be easy to locate.  The sites also contain a lot of unique content which is not available elsewhere -- unless they stole it from us. 

Secondly, our site navigation isn't always intuitive -  like the airlines, our sites are like airline hubs, and so there are not always direct links available to go from A to C. I  want it that way. That's a feature, not a bug.

Thirdly, I hide things, to reward the persistent reader. Benefits accrue in accordance with the depth of your digging.  So don't fret about getting lost, you might find something special. 

Fourthly, the sites are a graphically rich environment and I make no apologies for pages which load slowly. If you have a short attention span, you don't belong here in the first place.


  The website was developed using Microsoft FrontPage, and Expression Web - some features will not display identically using other browsers. Not every Internet Browser handles FP/JAVA language equally.  And WTF is HTML5 Compatibility? Doing sites to keep up with the competing versions of browsers and programming languages is something which large companies do well. I am a single individual, not a large company. 




I use NO pop-up ads, NO cookies, no data-miners, and keep NO record of individual visitors.   Active-X and Java are used occasionally, but just to navigate, close pages, and enhance some presentations.  There are no hidden scripts etc. If you find one, the site has been hacked. Tell me quick!



  Websites where people leave their e-mail addresses are one of the main sources which the junk-mail web-bots scour for e-mail addresses. To prevent this, I either reproduce our address as a graphic, or have added z's before and after the @.  Simply remove the z's and the address will be correct.  




Details of members are available to other members only, and no commercial or nuisance use of members details will be tolerated.  




I hate exclusive private collections, they are the graveyards of history. My collections are essentially an assembly of images which have been placed into the public domain, and assembled in a specific theme.  Each of the books containst materials which aren't on the websites.  Currently, there are ten books, and numerous digital maps and pdf publications. I am sorry the books are so expensive, because I have to pay to get them published too! I don't make much money out of these publications, and if you think I do, then you're a complete idiot. If you don't have at least one of my books, even on iPad, and haven't helped our common cause in kind, then you are probably a Cheap Charlie.




Donations to my site are NOT tax deductable. There are good and bad reasons for this:

1. I am not a U.S. Taxpayer because I am not earning any income in the USA. I am, in fact, Australian, and I split my time between Australia and the Philppines.

2. The income is so small, it does not tip me into an earnings bracket. It's not that my costs are being set-off against my income, it's that my income is measured in the hundreds, not the thousands. So, if you donate, say, $50 or $100 to me, that's a really, really big thing!




I promote the values espoused by the WWII combat veterans who have assisted me through the years. The website is funded mostly by me. If you wish to assist, there are numerous ways and means. Start by writing to me and expressing your thanks.

To those people who have contributed, in time, talent, interviews, images or funds, the combat veterans and I thank you. If you have donated stories, maps, images or time,or have assisted me in any way, the Veterans and I thankyou.

Paul F. Whitman



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