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6 March, 1945






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Office of the Commanding Officer
APO 73



6 March 1945


MEMO: Silver Star and Bronze Medal Awards

TO   : CO, 2nd Battalion, CO, Regimental Hq Co.


1. There will be a formation at 1330 hoar, 7 March 1945, at the flag pole area for the purpose of presenting the Silver Star and Bronze
Medals awarded to members of tho 503d R.C.T. Presentations will be made by General Hill, CG XI Corps.


2. The following personnel will represent the 503d R.C.T.:


a. Demolition Platoon, Regt'l. Hq Co.
b. 2d Bn, 4 Platoons.


(1) Hq Co. - 1 platoon.

(2) "D" Go. - 1 platoon.

(3) "E" Co. - 1 platoon.

(4) "F" Co. - 1 platoon.


3. Uniform will be coveralls, helmets, boots or shoes w/leggins, web belt with medical pouch and one (1) canteen, and weapon.


4. The following persons to be awarded will report at the flag pole area at 1245 hour in uniform required less weapon.


1st Lt. Roscoe Corder, Co. "E"

2nd Lt. Samuel E. Waddle, Hq Co. 2nd Bn.

S/Sgt. Robert L. Thompson, "F" Co.

S/Sgt. Bryan Ownby,Hq Co. 2nd Bn.

S/Sgt. Robert A Handy, Hq Co. 2nd Bn/

Cpl. Richard L. Taylor, Hq Co. 2nd Bn.

Cpl. James A. Cornett, Reg Hq Co.

Cpl. Delbert L. Parsons, Reg Hq Co.

Pfc. Joseph N. Cubbage,  "E" Co.

Pfc. Charles W. Bowman, Reg Hq Co.


5. Units be in formation at 1310 hour. Major Caskey is CO of



6. The following sequence of commands will govern:


a. At arrival of General Hall, CO of troops will call the RCT to attention.

b. CO of troops will command "Present Arms" and report the RCT to CG, XI Corps.

c. CO of troops will command "Order Arms", "Parade Rest".

d. Adjutant will publish orders of the day. (Lt. McNerney).

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