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The Corregidor Historic Society  websites are an educational facility supported through donations of like-minded individuals.  The 503d PRCT Heritage Battalion website is officially recognised by the 503d PRCT Association of World War II, Inc.

This policy describes our objectives, contents, responsibilities and freedoms, as well as the editing procedures.


Organization and Responsibilities


Advisory board


Letters to the editor

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Writing Guidelines

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  • To support,  preserve and propagate the Heritage of  503d PRCT of WWII by gathering together and publishing materials which might otherwise disappear in the "mists of time." 

  • To make educational quality information available to the fresh generations such that there will never be an American generation which cannot readily research, access and share in the history of the 503d PRCT of WWII and its successors of Heritage;

  • To continue the patriotic, familial and social relationships which were formed by the members of the 503d PRCT of WWII through the successive members of the 503d of other generations;

  •  To survive the loss of the last 503d PRCT WWII paratrooper by opening The Battalion's Roll to persons who wish to maintain and preserve the spirit of the 503d PRCT of WWII beyond the passing of its individual members;

  • To give the wider community a better understanding of the 503d  PRCT of WWII and its people, their achievements, successes, losses  and sacrifices;

  • To publish accurate and balanced materials in association with the "Corregidor Historical Society."

  • To provide a credible forum for open discussion of relevant issues of military history;



Organization and responsibilities

Heritage Bn. Website is produced by an editor-webmaster who reports to an Advisory Board. Editing of copy, selection and placement of stories  in the publication are the responsibilities of the editor. On sensitive issues, the editor will consult with the Board as necessary.

Heritage Bn. has a responsibility to record objectively those matters which affect the 503d PRCT or its reputation and which are already, or are about to be, in the public domain.




Heritage Bn. Website should not be, or appear to be, the voice of particular individuals or groups even though it may give the words of individual authors particular attention at times. 



Advisory Board

Contentious issues may be presented to the Board of Directors on a formal or informal basis, for their recommendations. The board or its members will advise on general policy matters, and make recommendations, where necessary, to the editor.

Current membership can be seen by clicking here.




Content of the Heritage Bn. Website is determined by the editor/webmaster - in consultation with contributors - who aims for an overall balance of history, heritage, news, personal interest and articles of continuing historical value.

There is no writing staff dedicated full-time to Heritage Bn.  Stories may be written especially for the Website, or may be based on material written elsewhere. The contributors must be available for peer review and comment.

Readers are encouraged to express opinions and make suggestions on content to the Website, but no-one is to expect space in the Website as a matter of right. Persons seeking an opportunity for contrary opinions should be accommodated at least by internet links from the articles commented upon.



Letters to the editor

Heritage Bn. welcomes letters to the editor. All letters will be considered for publication as long as they are signed with affiliation identified; are of moderate length; are relevant to Heritage Bn. affairs or to articles that have appeared in the Website; and are not libellous, or grossly offensive. The editor reserves the right to select letters for publication and to edit for grammar and length without changing the original meaning. Letters will be selected to ensure balanced discussion of an issue. The editor reserves the right to terminate a debate once the issues have been aired.



Contributions Pieces

Any contributor may refer a piece for possible publication. The editor accepts or rejects an opinion piece based on its provenance, relevance, and on its appeal to the broader readership. A contribution may be rejected if it is considered libellous or could seriously harm the reputation of a group or individual. The editor reserves the right to edit for grammar and length without changing the original meaning. Contributors must expect "Peer Review" for accuracy.



Photography & Maps

When submitting materials to illustrate a story, the editor will look for the most visually interesting historic material to be used in the Website. The editor reserves the right to reject submitted photographs or maps. Materials should not be submitted "on loan" to the editor without prior arrangement. Digital scans can be submitted without prior arrangements.



Writing guidelines

Heritage Bn. strives to be accurate and unbiased through observance of the following standards and procedure:

  • Contributors must expect peer review for accuracy.

  • It is the contributor's responsibility to make sure that the story is easily understood by a general audience, and that unnecessary jargon is avoided.

  • If a serious dispute over content arises between a contributor and a peer, the editor shall consult with both persons. 

  • if subsequent attempts at agreement between the contributor and peer fail, the story will not be published on the website, or, may be published but with the contested reference removed or a qualifying editorial note appended.



Corrections - "Peer Review"

 The accuracy of a website needs to be enhanced beyond the efforts of its editors and contributors to ensure accuracy and reliability. Any errors should be brought to the editor's attention as soon as possible.  Readers who desire to question any issue of fact, or wish to challenge any opinion, are urged to submit their comments for publication. Comments will also be circulated to our mailing list of  WWII veterans, inviting comment. Anyone who feels unjustly treated by the publication should consult with the editor to discuss the possibility of clarification, or space for rebuttal.  Contributor revision is encouraged.




Information presented on this site, and on the Membership CD ROM,  is generally copyright the respective authors, except for photographs obtained from the U.S. Government or credited separately.  Copyright is claimed so as to prevent unauthorised commercial use or blind links to works which are unique to or have as their origin this site, including computer enhanced retouching of photographic images.   Pursuant to Title 17 U.S.C. 107, other copyrighted work is provided for educational purposes, research, critical comment, or debate without profit or payment. If you wish to use copyrighted material from this site for your own purposes beyond the 'fair use' exception, or for any commercial use ( including but not limited to the sale, disposal or gift of any cartographic material, including *.pdf materials)  you must obtain permission from the copyright owner. A good relationship with other websites and webmasters is to be encouraged, and permissions are to be readily given for non-commercial use. Fair Dealing, including educational purposes, will be allowed provided use of an appropriate byline/photo/image credit is given to the copyright owner.  Heritage Bn. is not unreasonable, but you must ask. 






For site management, information is collected for analytical and statistical purposes. The Website may use software programs to create summary statistics, which are used for such purposes as assessing what information is of most and least interest, determining technical design specifications, and identifying system performance or problem areas. No software program is to be used to determine individual readership identity and no "cookies" are to be utilised.




 If you have any questions or comments about the information presented here, please email the Webmaster.


The Presence of Commercial/External Links 

The appearance of  hyperlinks does not constitute endorsement by Heritage Bn. of the Web site, or the information, products or services contained therein. The Heritage Bn. does not exercise any editorial control over the information you may find at these locations.  Such links are provided consistent with the stated purpose of the Heritage Bn.

Approved by the Board - 10 October 2002.










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The 503d PRCT Heritage Battalion is the Official Website of the 503d Parachute RCT Association of WWII Inc. Join with us and share the 503d Heritage and values.

So that the last man standing shall not stand alone.



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