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Office of the Commanding Officer

APO 73


6 March 1945


SUBJECT: Historical Report, Corregidor Island Operation.
            (Operation No. 48).


TO       : Commanding General, Sixth Army, APO 442.



1.      The assault on enemy held Corregidor Island (Operation No. 48) was a combined parachute drop and amphibious landing by our ground troops supported by air and naval action.


2.   The mission of the assault troops (Rock Force) was to seize and secure Corregidor Island and to destroy all enemy forces thereon as part of the greater mission of securing the Manila Bay area.


3.    The forces involved in the operation included:


a. Ground Troops (Rock Force):


(1) 503d Regimental Combat Team:

(a) 503d Parachute Infantry Regiment.

(b) 462d Parachute Field Artillery Battalion.

(c) Co C,161st Airborne Engineer Parachute Bn.


(2) Third Battalion, 34th Infantry Regiment, reinforced by:


(a) 3d Platoon, AT Co, 34th Inf.

(b) 3d Platoon, Cannon Co, 34th Inf.


(3) Second Battalion, 151st Infantry Regiment (Relieved 3d Battalion, 34th Infantry).


(4) Eighteenth Portable Surgical Hospital (reinf).


(5) 174th Ordnance Service Detachment (Bomb Disposal-Squad).


(6) Detachment 592d EB and SR.


(7) Detachment 9801 Signal Battalion.


(8) Detachment 1st Platoon, 603d Tank Co. 


(9) Detachment 592d JASCO


(10) Detachment 6th SAP.

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