Headquarters, XI Corps
General Orders No. 13
12 March, 1945


FIRST LIEUTENANT WILLIAM T. CALHOUN, 01298821, Infantry, United States Army. For heroic achievement in connection with military operations against the enemy at Corregidor, Philippine Islands, on 22 February 1945. On the morning of 22 February 1945, Lieutenant Calhoun was leading his platoon in a line of skirmishers down a wide ravine combing out snipers, when his unit suddenly came under intense rifle and machine gun fire from three mutually supporting caves. He called for the mortars to come forward. Lieutenant Calhoun saw that the mortar squad was approaching down the steep ravine to get to him, and that the ravine was a fire lane for an enemy light machine gun. Although the man on his right only a few feet away had been killed, and the man on his left had been seriously wounded by shot gun fire from one of the caves, with complete disregard for his own personal safety, he sprang up, and with the enemy fire spraying dirt all about him, succeeded in running up the exposed fire lane and prevented the mortarmen from walking into a death trap. Lt Calhoun is demonstration of superb leadership and his heroic and courageous action were an inspiration to his comrades. Home address: Mrs. Sarah J. Calhoun, (wife), Box 397, Goreman, Texas.

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