Headquarters, XI Corps
General Orders No. 13
12 March, 1945




CAPTAIN EMMET R. SPICER, 0418702, Medical Corp, United States Army. For gallantry in action at Corregidor, Philippine Islands, on 16 February 1945. Upon landing by para chute,Captain Spicer immediately organized his aid station and then proceeded under heavy enemy machine gun fire toward Wheeler Battery, attempting to evacuate the many wounded personnel to the aid station. He was fully aware of the personal risk involved and was repeatedly advised against going into this dangerous area. Stating that it was his duty to minister aid to the wounded despite the attendant dangers, he proceeded at once toward the enemy infested area. He paused several times enroute to aid injured and wounded soldiers, ministering to them while still under a hail of enemy bullets. His performance of duty in complete disregard to his own safety was far above that normally required or expected and in the execution of them he gave his life. Captain Spicer's outstanding devotion to duty and gallant actions in making the supreme sacrifice was an inspiration to the entire battalion. Next of kin: Mrs. Elizabeth G. Spicer (wife), 424 Columbia Avenue, Palmerton, Pennsylvania.

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