"503d PIR SONG"

Appendix 5, Vol 1








If you see a soldier with a parachute on his cap,

Walking proudly down the street, �I�ll bet you money that,

If you say, �Hey soldier boy
what outfit are you in?�

He�ll turn about and he will shout with all the pride in him,

I�m proud I�m allowed to be one of the crowd of the parachute infantry!

We�ll lick the Japs, the dirty rats, and we�ll get Hitler too!

We�ll see him and his rotten gang
in hell before we�re through.

From the islands of the Philippines to the heart of Germany,

You will hear our battle cry
as we float down from the sky...

I�m proud I�m allowed to become one of the crowd of the parachute infantry - Hey!!








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