16 FEB 1945
24 FEB 1945

John Lindgren

This Roster is a "Work in Progress"


This roster is compiled from two surviving documents - a roster of men present and accounted for on 24 February, and a roster of those not on duty that day. From this, we have a tolerable list of those in D Co. who jumped on Corregidor.  A roster was made shortly before the jump on Corregidor, but it did not include some last minute additions made shortly before the jump.




It is also cross-referenced with the 2nd Battalion Aid Station records, and for Awards.






    * present for duty 24 Feb
Commanding officer Turinski Joseph A. 1Lt.   [NL] [KIA-Corregidor, 19 Feb., Battle at Banzai Pt.]
  Gifford James P. 1Lt. * died of disease in Negros
Executive Officer Buchanan Henry L. 1Lt   [WIA-Corregidor] 17
1st Sergeant Himmelberger Elvin G. 1st Sgt   * WIA, [ex A Co., 504th PIR]
  Bitu Victor V. SSgt   2 17
  Arnold James A. SSgt   6 17
  Foley Joseph F. T-5   [KIA-Corregidor 19 Feb,, Battle at Banzai Pt.] 6 18
  Deal Martin T-4   6 18
  Larcher Valentino O. Pfc   * NL
  Weber Raymond Pfc   8
  Majda John F. Pvt   8

0-1, EM-

Platoon leader Mara John E. 2Lt   * [WIA - Negros]
Platoon Sgt. Cook Harvey R. TSgt   *
  Lantis Willard J. TSgt   8 18
1st Squad Leader Pucci Amleto SSgt   * [KIA-Negros]
  McDonald Earl H. SSgt   8 18
  Cirko Peter Sgt   *
Combs Jerry H. Pfc 6 18
Davis Merrill G. Sgt * [WIA-Negros] [ex A Co., 504th PIR]
1st Squad Leader Nagy James Sgt * [WIA-Negros] [ex A Co., 504th PIR]
  Alderman Robert A Pfc   *
  Berger Dallas G Pfc   *
  De Lane Thomas Pfc   4 18 [KIA-Corregidor 17 Feb, Btry Wheeler]
  Dolan Michael J. Pfc   8 18
  Fischer Arthur Pfc   * [WIA-Negros] [ex A Co., 504th PIR]
  Foster Raymond G. Pfc   2 18
  Gray Carlos I. Pfc   2 14 18
  Hess Robert L. Pfc   5
  Huerter James J. Pfc   8 14 19
  Hurst Grady W. Jr. Pfc   *
  Irwin Clarence A. Jr. Pfc   *
  Kidd Delbert D. Pfc   *
  Krause Richard E. Pfc   * [WIA-Negros]
  Lynch William J. Pfc   2 18
  Macke William J. Pfc   * [WIA-Negros]
  Maddy Frank I. Pfc   6 16
  McGlaughlin Henry D. Pfc   * [WIA-Negros]
  Sanchez Arthur R. Pfc   8
  Sanguinetti John V. Pfc   5 [WIA-Corregidor, 17th Feb E. of Btry Wheeler prior to attack] 17
  Schupp Melvin Pfc   2 14
  Strecker Herman J. Pfc   2
  Verdell William B. Jr. Pfc   *
  Will Daniel R. Pfc   *
  Hughart Paul A. Pvt   8 17
  Marsh Francis S. Pvt   6
  Martinez Theodore R. Pvt.   8 5 8
  Mayberry William Pvt   5
  Mason Denis J. Pvt   2 17
Medic Brannon David W. Cpl   *

2nd PLATOON *-0, *-EM

Platoon leader Preston Charles M. Lt   * 6
Platoon Sgt. Drews Harry SSgt   * NL [WIA-Wheeler Pt.,24 Feb., grenade fragments arm & pelvis]-[KIA-Negros] [ex A Co., 504th PIR]
Platoon Sgt. Cox William A SSgt   2 17 18
  Howard Nelson H. SSgt   * [ex A Co., 504th PIR]
  Minor Harry SSgt   8 18 19
  Rabe Harry W. *SSgt   * [KIA-Wheeler Pt.,24 Feb.] [ex A Co., 504th PIR]
  Schmiddle Harold W. SSgt   6 18
  Clearwater Harry Sgt   2 16 17 18
  Eaker Maynard D. Sgt   * [ex A Co., 504th PIR]
  Eveth Charles W. Sgt   * [ex A Co., 504th PIR]
  Joyce Thomas F. Sgt   2
  Stowe Nelson M. Sgt   * 6 [ex A Co., 504th PIR]
  Bradford George R. T-5   * [ex A Co., 504th PIR]
  Benci John Pfc    
  Blevins James F. Pfc    
  Clark John B. Jr. Pfc   2
  Collins Harry R. Jr. Pfc   * [ex A Co., 504th PIR]
  Cousineau Romeo T. Pfc   14 SIW 20
  Finckler Franklin Pfc   * NL WIA Wheeler Pt. 24 Feb, [ex A Co., 504th PIR]
  Howe Edward F. Pfc   * [ex A Co., 504th PIR]
  Jackson Eugene R. Pfc   * [KIA-Negros]
  Kaplin Stanley A. Pfc    
  Keller Frank B. Pfc   * [WIA-Wheeler Pt.,24 Feb.]
  LeForte Taylor R. Pfc   *
  Marino Frank Pfc   * [ex A Co., 504th PIR]
  Martin Calvin C. Pfc   2 3 18
  Puckett Clifton L. Pfc   * [KIA-Wheeler Pt.,24 Feb.] * [ex A Co., 504th PIR]
  Rose Cecil Pfc   *[WIA-Negros] [ex A Co., 504th PIR]
  Rosmus John A. Pfc   * [ex A Co., 504th PIR]
  Wilson Gilbert R. Pfc    
  Brady William G. Pvt   [KIA-Corregidor, 21 Feb, in water near Cheney Ravine] 12
  Drew Clyde Pvt   * NL, [KIA-Negros] [ex A Co., 504th PIR]
  Hunt William F. Pvt   2
  Ingram Warren R. Pvt   2 17 18
  Neal Joseph R. Pvt   2

3rd PLATOON *-0, *-EM

Platoon leader Schriefels Harold D. TSgt   * 9 [ex A Co., 504th PIR]
Platoon Sgt. Hadrava Louis J. Jr. SSgt   * 6 9 [ex A Co., 504th PIR]
  Holt Robert V. Jr. SSgt   * [KIA-Wheeler Pt.,24 Feb.][GSW-neck] [ex A Co., 504th PIR]
  Williams Edward J/ SSgt   * [ex A Co., 504th PIR]
  Combes Kenneth Cpl   [KIA-Wheeler Pt.,24 Feb.]
  Burnett Malcolm O. Pfc   * [WIA-Negros]6
  Carter Randolf A. Pfc   * [NL] [ex A Co., 504th PIR]
  Castellano Bernard Pfc    
  Christian Charles W. Pfc   * [WIA-Wheeler Pt.,24 Feb.fragments R.Arm][ex A Co., 504th PIR]
  Hance Clyde C. Pfc   * [ex A Co., 504th PIR]
  Jenkins Lloyd S. Pfc   * [WIA-Wheeler Pt.,24 Feb.GSW R. Knee]
  Johnson Donald G. Pfc.    
  Lovgren Frank M. Pfc   * [WIA-Negros]
  Lund   Pfc   * NL
  McCarey William J. Pfc   * [NL] [KIA-Wheeler Pt.,24 Feb.][GSW-chest]
  Mitchell   Pfc   *[NL]
  Peterson Donald A. Pfc   * [NL]
  Richard Edward T. Pfc   * JI [WIA-Wheeler Pt.,24 Feb.] [ex A Co., 504th PIR]
  Rowlands Robert D. Pfc   *
  Sierra Tony N. Pfc   * [WIA-Negros]
  Spitznagel Felix J. Pfc    
  Dunphy Charles A. Pvt   * [ex A Co., 504th PIR]
  Kurtz Charles H. Pvt   * [WIA-Wheeler Pt.,24 Feb.GSW R. Leg]
  Vipperman Ottie T. Pvt   * [NL]
Attached Medic Daliels James E. Pvt.   *

4th PLATOON *-0, *-EM

Platoon leader Gouvin Joseph SSgt   10
Platoon Sgt. Kleres Otto Sgt   [KIA-Negros]
  Bates Gordon W. Pfc    
  Boothe Jesse Pfc   10
  Bracklein William C. Pfc   [KIA-Corregidor, 19 Feb., Battle at Banzai Pt.]
  Ducsal David Pfc    
  Huddock Charles Pfc    
  Hughes Norman H. Pfc    
  Scott Richard N. Pfc    
  Wesselman Cletus A. Pfc   [WIA-Corregidor, date unknown]
  Honercutt Rufus E. Pfc   [WIA-Corregidor, date unknown]

UNPLACED [Platoon not determined]  

  Holland John Jr. Pfc    
  Hornsby John K. Pfc    
  Hurd Harold W. Pfc    
  Golonka       [KIA-Corregidor, 19 Feb., Battle at Banzai Pt.]




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                  N  O  T  E  S                 


[NJ*]=listed on jump list, but did not jump; Baldwin, Freihoff, Boone, Iverson, McDonald, and a Signal Corps photographer were the third stick of Bailey's aircraft, and could not jump after an engine was knocked out on the 2nd pass, the plane diverting to Mindoro.  

[NL]=not listed on Templeman�s jump list, but they jumped
[NJ] ** missed operation due to burn
[NJ] *** chutes ripped by bullet(s)- forced to return to Mindoro and come in with 1st Bn. along with Baldwin�s group of 7 F Co men plus the photographer.

Burl Martin states Montoya. Tony Lopez states Ostrander

[WIA] Wounded in Action
[IJ] Injured on Jump

[DOW] Died of Wounds
[Evac] Evacuated
[SSM] Silver Star Medal
[BSM-V] Bronze Star Medal with Valor device
[BSM] Bronze Star Medal
[MOH] Medal of Honor


                             Of the 2065 men of both lifts, about 280, or approximately 13.5 percent, were killed or severely injured. Of these, 2[ex A Co., 504th PIR] were injured on landing, and another 50 woulded either in the air or on grounding. Some 180 had to be evacuated and hospitalized. Three men who suffered malfunctions and two who swung into the sides of buildings, were killed, and an unfortunate eight mostly men who blew over the cliffs and landed in front of Japanese caves were slain in the air or before they could get out of their chutes. Six remained missing after the final count was in.

(James H. & William M Belote - Corregidor, The Stirring Saga of a Mighty Fortress, Playboy Press)


Among those who jumped at Corregidor, three had parachutes that failed to open. Eleven other men sustained fatal injuries when they crashed into demolished buildings or debris surrounding the drop zones. Fifty troopers were wounded either in descent or after landing. An additional 2[ex A Co., 504th PIR] were injured -- many receiving severe compound fractures or concussions. The casualties for the 503d RCT troopers on 16 February were 21 killed in action, 267 wounded or injured, and an unknown number unaccounted for.

(Bennett M. Guthrie, Three Winds of Death, New Forums Press)