16 FEB 1945

Bill Calhoun
Paul Whitman

This Roster is a "Work in Progress"




A roster was made shortly before the jump on Corregidor, but it did not include some last minute additions made shortly before the jump.

This roster now reflects the best roster of F Company for the Corregidor operation.

It is also cross-referenced with the 2nd Battalion Aid Station records, and for Awards.



A word of caution needs to be injected when dealing with the documentary evidence. Morning Reports  (MR's) are subject to error. What can one expect when some of them were written days, and sometimes even weeks later? In Negros, for instance, the 2nd Bn's MR's had not been maintained for weeks, and were only accomplished by Herculean efforts of memory - with corresponding Herculean inaccuracy. The Rosters of "D" and "F" Company were compiled from several sources, none of guaranteed accuracy - the pre-jump rosters were hastily prepared. Even Leabhart's 2nd Bn. Aid Station treatment list is not gospel. Not every 2nd Bn. casualty went through the 2nd Bn. aid station, and not everyone who was treated at the Aid Station was 2nd Bn. There were, one must not forget, 462nd & 161st troopers with us,  Bless 'Em All.





Commanding officer Bailey William T. 1Lt *
Executive officer LaVanchure William E. 1Lt   0453646 [NL]I
1st Sergeant Baldwin Albert J. "Moose" 1Sgt 35011690 [NJ*] Duty, WIA
Supply Thompson Robert L. S/Sgt   SSM
Operations Commander Luie R. Sgt    
Communications Poisant Henry Sgt    
  Santoy George A. Sgt    
  Purdue Arthur E. Cpl    
  Buchanan William S. T/5    
  Ostrander Raymond L. T/5   NJ***
  Arts Bernard J. Pfc    
Grass Philip M. Pfc
  Kruse Charles V. Pfc    
  North George E. Pfc    
  Wilmouth Cecil D. Pfc    
  Whitney Allen J. Pfc    

 0-1, EM-34

Platoon leader Calhoun William T. 1lt 0-1298821 BSM-V
Platoon Sgt. Todd Phillip T/Sgt   [NL]
Radio operator Albersman John M. Pfc 17551331 Evac, WIA, GSW
Runner Thompson Edward Pfc    
Runner Mikel George E. Pvt 7032312 * KIA, SSM
1st Squad          
Squad Leader McCurry Charles M. S/Sgt   [NJ*]
Ass't Squad Leader Freihoff William Sgt    
Rifleman Boone Marion E.  Pfc 20414457 [NJ*]WIA, Duty
Rifleman Hanlon Glenn E. Pfc   KIA, 16 Feb.
BAR Huff Delby Pfc    
Rifleman Iverson Ralph  E Pfc 36314689 [NJ*]WIA, Duty
Scout McDonald William E Pfc 36748939 [NJ*]WIA, Duty
Rifleman Narrow Paul A Pfc 12005218 [NJ*][NL]KIA - listed by Templeman as 'Darrow'
Rifleman Thomas Albert H. Pfc   KIA, 16 Feb.
Rifleman Yocum Theodore     20308446 [NJ*][NL] KIA, 22 Feb.
2nd Squad ****          
Squad Leader Jacob LeRoy L. S/Sgt    
Acting Ass't Sq. Ldr. Wright James P. Pfc 39567583 WIA, Duty
  Bradley James  Pfc   [NL]
  Hill Lloyd J. Pfc 35773213 Evac, WIA, GSW
BAR Lampman Richard Pfc    
  Natalie Mike Pfc    
  Smith Phillip R.      
Scout Wilson James P. Pfc 39567583 WIA, Duty, SSM
3rd Squad          
Squad Leader Johnson Chris S/Sgt   501st PIR
Ass't Sq. Ldr. Harrison Binion L. Acting Sgt (Pfc)   [NJ-i] -serious burns to arm night of 15/16 Feb.
  Aimers Richard S. Pfc 39411889 Evac, WIA, GSW
Rifleman Bandt Perry Pfc    
2nd Scout Bartlett John      
Scout McCarter Lloyd G. Pvt 20947516 MOH, Evac, WIA GSW, chest
Rifleman Maciborski Stanley Pfc 36582574 Evac, WIA, GSW
Rifleman Reynolds Roland H. Pfc 33676487 JI, Evac, sprain knee
BAR Schilli Benedict J. Pfc 37187998 Evac, Shrap, Lt.leg, BSM-V
Rifleman Soucie Earl J.      

2nd PLATOON 1-0, 31-EM

Platoon leader Flash Edward T. 1Lt O-2036053 Evac, GSW Lt arm, BSM-V
Platoon Leader Lee Daniel 1Lt   assigned replacing Flash.
Platoon Sgt. Watson Ross D. T/Sgt 12020251 JI, Evac, contusions
Radio operator          
1st Squad          
Squad Leader White Donald E. S/Sgt 39116126 KIA, 18 Feb., SSM
Ass't Sq. Ldr. Cox William F., Jr Sgt    
  Bright  Ralph J.      
  Dawson Hubert L. Pfc    
  Lary Guy R. Pfc    
  Lopez Anthony Pfc 37345728 Evac, GSW L.hip
  Martin Allen Pfc    
  Morrison Charles Pfc    
  Pause James R. Pfc    
  Stoker James T. Pfc    
2nd Squad          
Squad Leader Hoyt Charles A. S/Sgt   KIA, 18 Feb. "Happy"
  Hughes Jack Pfc    
  Markobrad Michael J. Pfc    
  Mariscalco Barto J Pfc    
  O�Connell Robert H. Pfc 31353197 Evac, WIA, GSW, BSM-V
  Peters Johnny H. Pfc 39326625 JI, Evac, sprain
  Pierce  George  Pvt 38038141 [NL]Evac, Duty seriously WP burned in Topside Ammo Dump Fire;
  Rasey Eugene B. Pfc 39698646 Evac, GSW chin
  Whall Frank Pfc   Evac, serious WP burns in Topside Ammo Dump Fire.
  Wazelaki Chester W. Pfc 16048398 JI?, Evac, sprain leg
3rd Squad          
Squad Leader Jackson James A. S/Sgt    
  Humphrey Warren D. Pfc    
  Kambakumis Angelos Pfc 15329668 Evac, GSW - ass, BSM-V
  Lee William W. Pfc 34760065 KIA, BSM-V
  Oloff Richard H. Pfc    
  Patterson Homer Pfc 34473562 KIA, DOW
  Piowar Andrew J. Pvt    
  Pooler Reginald J. Pfc    
  Pulos John G. Pfc    
  Ruggio Pasquale   11063731 KIA, 18 Feb.

3rd PLATOON 2-0, 32-EM

Platoon leader Campbell  William G. 1Lt   KIA, 17 Feb.
Platoon Sgt. Shropshire Joseph S.  T/Sgt   relieved as Plt. Sgt.
Platoon Sgt. Phillips  John R. S/Sgt   assg'd 2d Plt.sgt (17 Feb)
Radio operator          
1st Squad          
Squad Leader Wammock  Arnold O S/Sgt   +
Ass't Squad Ldr. Eide LeRoy Sgt    
  Harrigan George L. Pfc 3317013 Evac, WIA, GSW
  Kaufman Morton Pfc.    
  Morgan Fred M. Pfc. 34608725 KIA, 19 Feb.
  Porzucek Edward J. Pvt.   +
  Richens William A. Pfc    
  Rockensock Robert A. Pvt    
  Szelagowski John J Pvt    
  Unterzuber Robert E. Pvt   +
2nd Squad          
Squad Leader Ballard Carl G S/Sgt    
  Ackerman Bruce L. Pfc    
  Cherimism William P. Pfc 39991143  
  Field Albert T. Pfc 32538816 JI, Sprain ?
  McGee Edward L. Pfc    
  Peterson Leonard L.      
  Samples Bruce Pfc 35065367 WIA Duty
  Seddinger Alvin Pvt    
  Shannon John J. Pvt    
  Morgan Fred     listed twice?
  Smith Harry D. Pfc   +
  Zurrovec Frank Jr. Pvt   [NL]
3rd Squad          
Squad Leader Roberts John R. Sgt 34575780 Duty, Evac GSW  upper arm
  Boreen Francis N Pfc    
  Dibble Ace H. Pfc 39377579 Duty, JI, Back injury
  Hart Woodrow Pfc    
  Henthorne Charles E Pfc    
  Kruse Charles Pfc    
  McKnight Shields Pfc    
  North George E. Pfc    
  Penton Charlton H Pfc    
  Pipech Leo Pfc    
  Sarandis George Pfc    
  Price Ernest L Pfc 33645778 JI, Poss fract

 *-0, *-EM

Platoon leader Miller Clinton D. 1Lt O-1295060  Evac, WIA, GSW
Platoon Sgt. Phillips Johnnie H.   S/Sgt   "Red Horse"
Radio operator          
1st Squad          
Squad Leader Robertson Clark P Sgt    
  McCrory Henry Pfc    
  Morningstar Edward O. Pfc    
  Potter Allen H. Pvt    
  Quintanilla Henry G. Pvt    
  Stewart Charles Pvt    
  Phillips John R. S/Sgt   (did not remain with the mortar platoon)
2nd Squad          
Squad Leader Gruver Richard E Pfc    
  Short Virgil Pfc    
  Schumacher Arthur D. Pvt    
Smith James W. Pvt 39698844 JI, Evac, Contusion
  Thomas Robert W. Pfc    
  Turley Paul W. Pfc    
3rd Squad
Squad Leader unknown        
  Martin Burl Pfc    
  Mott Henry A. Pfc    
  Peterson Richard L. Pfc   "Tropical" was age 15.
  McClain James I. Pfc 33525835 [NJ] GSW in a/c
  Montoya George Pfc   [NJ] Chute destroyed by gunfire prior to jumping
  Rainville Lawrence S. Pfc 31263036 [NL]Evac, WIA, GSW
  Surber Virgil F. Pvt    


Photographer Yednick Pete Pfc   [NJ*] in Baldwin's stick

F Company had a low of 11 jump casualties.



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                  N  O  T  E  S                 


[NJ*]=listed on jump list, but did not jump; Baldwin, Freihoff, Boone, Iverson, McDonald, and a Signal Corps photographer were the third stick of Bailey's aircraft, and could not jump after an engine was knocked out on the 2nd pass, the plane diverting to Mindoro.  

[NL]=not listed on Templeman�s jump list, but they jumped
[NJ] ** missed operation due to burn
[NJ] *** chutes ripped by bullet(s)- forced to return to Mindoro and come in with 1st Bn. along with Baldwin�s group of 7 F Co men plus the photographer.

Burl Martin states Montoya. Tony Lopez states Ostrander

[WIA] Wounded in Action
[IJ] Injured on Jump
[DOW] Died of Wounds
[Evac] Evacuated
[SSM] Silver Star Medal
[BSM-V] Bronze Star Medal with Valor device
[BSM] Bronze Star Medal
[MOH] Medal of Honor

**** Prior to Corregidor, the 2d squad of 1st Platoon had included Troopers Mammina and Hastings. They, together with  Lloyd McCarter from the 3d squad, had been AWOL and had returned to camp, having been notified from a source within the company that an "alert" was on.  All three were sent to the stockade, and Sgt. Albert  'Moose' Baldwin smoked his freshly acquired cigars.  Lt. Calhoun, recognizing McCarter's key role in the platoon,  sprung him from the stockade to go to Corregidor, leaving the other two, who were not generally liked.  When the 503d returned from Corregidor, Mammina and Hastings were transferred to an Infantry Division.  After the war, they returned to their homes in Chicago, where, it seems, they made serious enemies. Mammina was killed and Hastings fled the state to live permanently in California.





                             Of the 2065 men of both lifts, about 280, or approximately 13.5 percent, were killed or severely injured. Of these, 210 were injured on landing, and another 50 woulded either in the air or on grounding. Some 180 had to be evacuated and hospitalized. Three men who suffered malfunctions and two who swung into the sides of buildings, were killed, and an unfortunate eight mostly men who blew over the cliffs and landed in front of Japanese caves were slain in the air or before they could get out of their chutes. Six remained missing after the final count was in.

(James H. & William M Belote - Corregidor, The Stirring Saga of a Mighty Fortress, Playboy Press)


Among those who jumped at Corregidor, three had parachutes that failed to open. Eleven other men sustained fatal injuries when they crashed into demolished buildings or debris surrounding the drop zones. Fifty troopers were wounded either in descent or after landing. An additional 210 were injured -- many receiving severe compound fractures or concussions. The casualties for the 503d RCT troopers on 16 February were 21 killed in action, 267 wounded or injured, and an unknown number unaccounted for.

(Bennett M. Guthrie, Three Winds of Death, New Forums Press)