Three Winds of Death
Bennett M. Guthrie


T/Sgt Robert HEYER, .Infantry.. United States Army. For gallantry in action on Corregidor, Philippine Islands, ...on 24 February 1945..


The Japanese attack (from the northern entrance of Malinta Tunnel) soon quelled,  the remainder of the enemy retreated back into the recesses of the tunnel complex. The tank accompanying the troopers squared itself before the opening tunnel and fired several cannon rounds and machine gun bursts into the abyss. It remained in this position until all friendly troops had passed the danger point, The attack by the first battalion quickly resumed. A short while later, while under intense enemy fire, T/Sgt Robert Heyer of Company B led an assault that neutralized a machine gun position. For his gallant service, at the cost of his life, Sergeant Heyer was awarded the Silver Star.


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