Three Winds of Death
Bennett M. Guthrie


Pfc Peter C. McCabe, ... United States Army. For gallantry in action on Corregidor, Philippine Islands, ...on 24 February 1945..attached as a medic of the 462d FA Bn, had volunteered to go on the assault (towards Tailside) because the medical personnel  of the 1st Bn had suffered excessive casualties. During the mle  outside the north entrance of Malinta Tunnel, McCabe saw a severely wounded trooper fall into a pile of burning rubble, fully exposed to  enemy fire.  Although McCabe had already passed the opening of the tunnel, he ran back, moved the trooper to safety while under fire, and stopped a hemorrhage, thus saving the trooper's life. In keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Military Service, Private McCabe was awarded the Silver Star for his courageous actions.



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