The ACFQ Website is intended to be a communication tool of Arms Collectors and individuals interested in this and closely associated pastimes. We encourage the submission of articles that deal with closely related topics. All submissions will be rigorously reviewed to ensure that it is of high quality. The webmeister reserves the right to be pig-headed and opinionated.

Writers should address the most pressing issues we face. The goal of the website is to present well-considered and reflective opinion, not rant.

Electronic format only

Do not send typed articles by post or by fax transmission. The webmeister is not your typist, sorry.

Ideally, articles should be submitted in MS Word file format but 'RTF' format is also acceptable. Please include your e-mail address and a telephone and /or fax contact number plus your address including postcode.

Submissions will not be returned.

Sourcing and choosing illustrations

One distinct benefit of websites as compared with traditional publishing is that there are no limits to the number of illustrations you can use  - except those limitations of (a) visual and aesthetic quality, (b) relevance and (c) copyright.  You are encouraged to illustrate your work, but are advised to follow the guidelines below when supplying any additional material.

When choosing illustrations for your article, please consider that modern items are often in copyright, which will require permission to use from the copyright holder. An image,  drawing or illustration might be out of copyright but the photograph or scan necessary for its reproduction is not.

Please do not imbed photos with text.  Make sure that photos have captions which match the caption with the photo.

Nothing turns away readers faster than a slow loading page. Articles top-heavy with photographs will be split across multiple pages so that the first page will load quickly.

The website is not your personal photo album. A requirement of general visual interest will be enforced.

Copyright and Attribution of Sources

Articles containing extensive quotes from other periodicals must respect copyright laws. Review articles and get permission from the author, or if no exceptions noted, list the source and be specific where it is being quoted from. It is also imperative that if an article paraphrases or quotes from another article, it is noted correctly with the title of the publication, date, volume and author's name.

Webmeister has the final word.

The Webmeister will try to use all articles but reserves the right not to publish if the content is not appropriate, or defamatory.  (Unlikely scenarios but the Editor should have this right.)