"The more I research the way that the Government has dealt with weapons here in Queensland, the less I believe in my own Government's Integrity."


30 APRIL 2005




Full penalties for non-compliance with the Weapons Act now apply.

A recent meeting of the Australasian Police Ministers Conference came up with the idea of a truly national gun database. A feasibility study is to be undertaken. One wonders what has been happening in all the years since Port Arthur.

1 july 2003


Amendments to the Weapons Act 1990 amendments for category H weapons effectively divide antique and collectable handguns into four classes. Each of the classes now requires a different action by handgun owners.


By this, WLB


  • places an obligation upon weapons owners to classify their weapons into sub-categories (thereby allowing WLB at a later stage to allege that "the information supplied by the Defendant (that's you!) was incorrect and misleading in that it falsely included the weapon was a (insert class here) when the weapon was in fact a (insert the WLB preferred class here.)

Q: If WLB knows the weapon's class, why do they ask the collector to classify it?


A: Bureaucratic Leverage.

  • creates a number of new offences - eg unlawful possession of a weapon now covers pre 1901 antiques if WLB can locate "ammunition commercially available" anywhere in the world. There is no officially promulgated list of firearms in Queensland for which "ammunition is not commercially available." 

  • forcing individuals who had temporarily inoperable collectable handguns under a collectors licence into approved historical societies (more on the legal status of approved historical societies later.)

  • by extending the WLB definition as to what "not commercially available" means, most pre-1901 weapons Antiques could be deemed by the WLB to not qualify in the class - thereby preventing them being held by non licence holders.

  • Making it difficult for individuals to own a pre-1901 Antique if the owner could not qualify for (or be disqualified from holding) a licence.