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FORUM MODERATOR - The Website is looking for someone who is willing to take control of the ACGQ FORUM -  You will be responsible to the Webmeister, and will otherwise be given unfettered discretion, as the success of the Board will be on your shoulders.  If you aren't already familiar with Bulletin Boards, and aren't keen on knowing about everything that is "going down" in the Weapons Community, I suggest you don't apply.

MODDY will need to have weapons knowledge and expertise.

The successful applicant will need comply with the following general directives:

1. Keep the flow going. Review new posts on a daily basis, and kill offensive and illegal posts without qualms.  Illegal isn't as gray as offensive (links to illegal content sites for example). This is where you have to decide if the posted comments are too much of a personal attack or if the attack is on the situation itself.  

2. Spam control. Probably one of the most irritating side effects of any messageboard is cut and run spam. People who you've never heard of stopping by only to crap on your doorstep and then quickly returning to the shadows. .

3. As the moderator keep things from getting out of hand.

4. keep us relevant, and be prepared to have a sharp edge, and a decent pair of elbows.