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The 503d Parachute Infantry was employed in conjunction with the 7th Australian Division and the 9th Australian Division in an air-sea and ground offensive against Japanese forces in the Markham Valley, New Guinea 5 September 1943 to 19 September 1943.  The mission of the 503d Parachute Infantry was to seize the Nadzab E/L Strip and prepare it for use in landing of Airborne Australian troops and to close the western inland approaches of the Markham valley.


5 Sept: The troops are packed in tightly, 22 men or bundles on each truck - one plane load. Weather misty. The troops arrived at 0700 hrs.


Photograph Courtesy of Daniel MacRaild - Presentation and Retouched Image 2008 All Rights Reserved - Corregidor Historic Society & 503d PRCT Heritage Bn