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kinsler's briefing.  joe lawrie (REGIMENTAL EXEC OFFICER - centre)

Kinsler assigned Britten the task of jumping 1st Bn. directly onto the airstrip and clearing it of all enemy troops, although the intelligence reports indicated that there were very few in the area.  In addition, the battalion was responsible for starting the preparation of the airstrip until relieved by the Australian engineers.  


 Kinsler directed Jones to jump 2d Bn. north of the airstrip to secure Gabsonkek and provide flank protection for 1st Bn. 


Last, he assigned Tolson's 3d Bn. to jump east of the airstrip and the secure the village of Gabmatzung.  This was the enemy's most likely avenue of approach if the Japanese opposed the landing from the garrison at Lae. 


Photograph Courtesy of Daniel MacRaild - Presentation and Retouched Image 2008 All Rights Reserved - Corregidor Historic Society & 503d PRCT Heritage Bn