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The Nadzab action forced the Japanese evacuation of a major base at Lae to take a route which proved to be disastrous for them. The third Battalion of the 503d had a major skirmish with the rear guard of this exodus. The successful employment of Parachute troops, in the Markham Valley, has been credited with saving the concept of vertical envelopment from being abandoned following several less than successful engagements in Europe.


"0800 5 Sept 43: The planes' motors start and vibrate as they warm up for the take off, then the first of them swing out like a row of prehistoric monsters and start down the strip past where General MacArthur is standing with his traditional corps of photographers, and newpapermen - press agents for the great."


Photograph Courtesy of Daniel MacRaild - Presentation and Retouched Image 2008 All Rights Reserved - Corregidor Historic Society & 503d PRCT Heritage Bn