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Close-up of the photo. Arrow points to Richard Adams.


Steve and Marcia,

I want to thank you again for making my return to Corregidor such a memorable experience for our family.  You both did an outstanding job of guiding us through the memories and the terrain.

The people you and Paul brought together, Peter, Lucky (and their crew), Karl and John expanded our knowledge and enjoyment of our time on Corregidor.  The personal connection you, Peter and Lucky have to that period of history added a larger dimension to the story.

I'm not much of a tour person, and I was concerned that such a group activity would invade my own personal connection to The Rock.  That was not the case.  I, we (Nancy, Alyson & I) enjoyed our time with our new friends and learned so much more than we would have on our own.  The "after action" get-togethers at Mac's each evening were a grand ending to the day.  Please thank Edith for her hospitality, the delicious chicken and the Red Horse!  I hope we can all make it happen again.

We were able to visit the American Cemetery in Manila.  It was really something - we found many 503rd graves including my Platoon Sgt. Raymond Glass.  The grounds keeper may wonder what the tiny piece of fabric is that Alyson tucked in the ground by his grave marker.

Keep in touch and thanks again.

Dick Adams

Holding the photo.




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