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2d Lt Regimental H.Q. Company 

K.I.A., Btty. Wheeler, Corregidor

Saturday 17 February  1945


I was a nineteen year old flamethrower operator, but did not carry a flamethrower that day. Instead, on the morning of 17 February, I carried satchel charges in support of an attack on Battery Wheeler. We were told at the briefing that we had taken the battery the day before, but the Japs had reoccupied it during the night.

Two unidentified officers were hit in the head by Jap snipers at about the same moment, almost simultaneously.  They had raised their heads above the threshold of the berm once too often in the same place.  Under the command of the platoon sergeant, we hastily withdrew, four men carrying each body.  When my group picked up the body at Wheeler, it was lying face down. I held one arm and shoulder, another trooper held the other arm and shoulder, and two men held the legs. We carried the body across the parade ground to the aid station, face down.  When we reached the aid station we laid the body down and turned it over on its back. Despite the head wound and blood I immediately recognized that it was Binegar.


 Charles Breit
extracted from
"The Second Lieutenant"

About 11:00 A.M. 1st Lt William Campbell and 2nd Lt Dorval Binegar were killed at almost the same instant as they lay prone on the berm with raised heads studying the terrain in preparation for attacking Battery Wheeler. Both had recently joined the regiment as replacements. Campbell was assigned as platoon leader of the 3rd platoon, and Binegar was there to support the attack with his demolition section. Unfortunately, they never lived long enough to recognize the mistake of raising your head more than once in the same spot. Experienced soldiers knew the Japanese would zero-in on a spot where an American head had appeared and then lay patiently waiting for it to appear again. “Moose”  Campbell had been accepted by F Company who were even more saddened by the knowledge that he would never see his new born son.

Bill Calhoun





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