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Pfc, 1st Platoon, 'F' Company, 503d PRCT 

KIA, Battery Wheeler, Corregidor

Friday 16 February 1945

Glen E. Handlon

Taking a break near 28D, and forming up for our first "F" Company patrol. Within fifteen minutes,
Glen E. Handlon (pictured) would be dead, killed by a MG at the "big battery,"  Wheeler.


Whilst maneuvering across an open expanse of shell-torn ground leading to Battery Boston, the platoon, commanded by Lieutenant Calhoun, came under Japanese fire.  The Japanese were quickly overrun by the two scouts, Lampman and McCarter.  Lampman killed seven of the enemy by firing his Browning automatic rifle from the hip as he was dashing forward. McCarter killed eight more with short bursts from his Thompson submachine gun.

During the advance, Calhoun saw that his platoon's right flank was dangerously exposed to Battery Wheeler's high south parapet. Even though he had been told by Captain Brown that Battery Wheeler was void of enemy troops, Calhoun felt very uneasy about his flank being wide open. He sent his first squad, consisting of Sergeant William Freihoff and three men, Privates Glen E. Handlon, Delby A. Huff and Albert F. Thomas, to investigate Battery Wheeler.

The squad was just approaching the rear of Battery Wheeler when it was surprised by a sudden burst of 6.5 Nambu light machine gun fire from a concrete tower above the north parapet. Private Handlon was killed instantly. 

Gerard M. Devlin

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St Martin's Press, New York (1992) 
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Pfc Glen Handlon was the first F Company man killed on Corregidor. About 2:30 P.M., his detail was sent to occupy the high bulkward of Battery Wheeler. He was killed as they crossed the area behind the number two 12 inch gun port. He always did his duty.

Bill Calhoun





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