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Samuel L.KNOTT Jr.

Pfc. 1st Battalion, "B" Company

K.I.A.   26 February 1945


Whilst I did not know Samuel Knott in person I know a bit about him and how he died. He was reported killed on the Morning Report of 26 Feb 45 for "B" Company.  Since Knott was killed on 26 February it can be assumed he was killed in the catastrophic explosion at Monkey Point when the Navy Intercept Tunnel was blown up, killing a lot of Japanese troops in the tunnel and a lot of American Paratroopers from the First Battalion.

He was buried in the American Cemetery in Manila.  For the information of people who have not seen the Cemetery, it is a beautiful place.  Labor, by US standards, is cheap in the Philippines consequently a lot is used to keep this one in immaculate shape. 

I believe it was Louis Aiken who told me Knott was from North Carolina.


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