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Leonard LEDOUX

S/Sgt,  "E" Company 503d PRCT

K.I.A., Corregidor  

 Saturday 17 February 1945


After the jump, Hudson Hill and a number of men of E Company were down in the F Company sector with Ed Flash. A number of troopers had fallen short, falling in Japanese held territory short of the NCO Quarters marking the near side of Landing Zone A. One was down along the railroad track about 25 yards in front of Hill's position. There were a lot of Japs moving around and firing on the position. Hill was making a weak attempt to recover the wounded due to the opposition. Col. Jones and Lawson Caskey came by.  Being briefed about the wounded who had fallen short, Col. Jones ordered that Lt. Hill  take his men and join the rest of the E company men who had assembled under Lt. Abbott at the Topside barracks and that  Flash should make the rescue of men trapped in Cheney Ravine his immediate mission, in addition to forming a defensive perimeter at the NCO Quarters. Hill was glad to leave it to Flash.

During the night,  Flash heard a feeble cry for help coming from deeper in Cheney Ravine, and had to wait until the morning to get a rescue party together.

Flash, together with Pfc's Anthony Lopez,  Robert O'Connell,  and Angelos "Greek" Kambakumis  made a daring rush into the ravine to rescue LeDoux.  Finding LeDoux wounded and unable to walk,  one of the men located an old set of bed springs, and lay Ledoux upon it as they carried and dragged it back towards cover.   Each in the rescue party received  wounds, but managed to complete the rescue.  Despite their efforts, S/Sgt Ledoux died of his wounds prior to arriving at the Aid Station.  


Ed Flash, Bill Calhoun





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