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Charles A. LINDSAY

Sgt., 161st Parachute Engineer Company 

K.I.A. Jump Casualty, Corregidor 

16 February 1945


I jumped in the first wave, and missed the topside by about 50 meters.  While getting rid of my parachute I saw my company commander, Capt. James S. Beyer, struggling up the slope. Together we labored up to the topside. 

We had not gone too far on top when we saw a body partially covered with a parachute. The parachute had failed to open. Captain Beyer peeled the canopy from the fallen soldiers face to reveal the unfortunate death of my platoon sergeant Charles Lindsay. 

We covered his body with the chute, looked wonderingly at each other, murmured a silent prayer, and proceeded with the mission.

Bob Flynn 
503d Historian,
161st Parachute Engr Co.


In his book Corregidor - The Rock Force Assault, Lt. Gen. E. M. Flanagan, Jr. writes that Sergeant Lindsay was also in the same plane as Pfc. Castillo, "headed for the golf course DZ."  It was not the practice at that time to refer to a Landing Zone as a DZ., and the golf course was Landing Zone B. 




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