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Pfc 'B' Battery, 462d Field Artillery (Parachute) 

K.I.A.  Landing Zone "A", Corregidor

Friday 16 February 1945


Sergeant Gertus Jones, a section chief in Battery "B", 462d Parachute Artillery, struck the rear wall between the second and third floors of a three story building at  the edge of the parade ground landing zone. Suffering from the effects of the collision, he unstrapped his parachute, picked up his carbine and walked around to the front of the building where the rest of his stick and the battery's guns had been dropped. 

On rounding the corner of the building he discovered the body of private First Class James Manning, who had been killed during his descent. 

Gerard M. Devlin

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St Martin's Press, New York (1992) 
(out of print)


"B" Battery of the 462d Field Artillery Battalion jumped on the parade ground. In the jump, Pvt. James Manning was killed by small arms fire just as he left the plane 



Gen E. M. Flanagan Jr. 

Corregidor The Rock Force Assault 

Presidio Press


While making a  combat jump on Corregidor, in the Philippines, his buddy Eugene Manning jumped before Dad, then Dad and another buddy then followed.  On Dad's descent, he clipped the side of a building,  hitting his hip and denting his canteen. When he hit the ground, it knocked him out for a moment. When he came to,  he found the body of his buddy Manning who had been shot.  Later on, he discovered that the man who had followed him in the jump had also been shot.  While unpacking his parachute, he found a bullet lodged in the reserve parachute. This saved his life.  He named my little brother Robin Gene after his buddy Manning.


On the 50th anniversary of his jump on Corregidor, Dad wore a silk shirt made from that parachute silk. 


Story told at Gertus Jones' funeral

Becky Hill (nee  Jones)





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