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William J. McCAREY

Pfc., 3rd Platoon, "D" Company 503rd PRCT

K.I.A., Wheeler Pt. Corregidor

Monday 24 Feb 1945


3rd Platoon member PFC William McCarey was killed February 24th. When the firing started from the cliffs,  Gifford ordered John Mara, the assistant platoon leader of the 1st Platoon, to climb up on the cliff to find the source of the firing.  PFC McCarey went with him. Shortly after they began the climb, McCarey groaned once and died. 

            John Lindgren
D Coy

Jim Gifford ordered Jack Mara, the 1st Platoon leader, to scale the cliff at the point to locate the source of the fire that had killed Holt and Combes, and had wounded seven others. Mara, accompanied by Pfc William McCarey began to climb the steep slope with great effort, and had worked their way 15 or 20 feet up the sheer cliff face  when McCarey suddenly grunted, moaned briefly, and died - shot through the heart. He was undoubtedly shot at close range but the position of the sharpshooter could not be found. Neither did Mara locate the enemy firing from the cliffs at the 3d platoon. McCarey's body was lowered from the cliff, and Mara returned to the beach.

Bill Calhoun,
"Bless 'Em All"





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