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Pfc "E" Company

KIA, Landing Zone A,  Corregidor  

Friday 16 February 1945


Matthew Musolino was one of four members of the mortar platoon who were killed by Japanese troops when their stick dropped into Cheney Ravine, short of Landing Zone A.

The others were S/Sgt Edward Gulsvick, Pfc.  Emery High and Pfc. Jimmy Rovolis.

Bless 'em All




In 2008, Mr. Tom Aring of Dallas TX, found Pfc. Musolino's dog tags near Battery Wheeler. Tom has been a long-standing active member of the Corregidor Historic Society.  He then set upon a quest to locate Musolino's next of kin. He announced the news in our Bulletin Board.

Dog Tags of a KIA found on Corregidor

by Tom Aring

I just returned from the Philippines and Corregidor.

I brought a 48 star U.S. flag to fly over Corregidor, and on the 16th of February 2008. I did just that with Paul Whitman, Karl Welteke, Steve Foster and John Moffitt.

It appears there was a reason for me to have that flag with me on this trip. 

I have recovered the Dog Tags of what appears to be one of the 503d PRCT Paratroopers.

His name was Matthew D. Musolino 
503 E Company 20130787 4243A
Battery D 

According to the Paul's 503d website, he was one of 4 members of the Mortar Platoon killed by Japanese troops when their stick dropped into Cheney Ravine, short of landing Zone A. The others were S/Sgt Edward Gulsvick, Pfc. Emery High and Pfc. Jimmy Rovolis.

The Dog Tags were still on the chain when found on the top of Battery Wheeler, in a trench that was recently cleaned of brush by the work crews. The trench is up against the top concrete cap of the Battery. The chain had 2 knots in it when found, both by a tag. One tag hangs on a small separate chain on the big chain.

Battery Wheeler in the course of being cleaned up.

The view from the trench, looking towards north-east towards topside. Vegetation now covers the berm to the rear of the battery.

CFI have cleared a trench on the ocean side of the Battery. It was along this trench that the dogtags were found.

The area has been cleaned back to dirt, and exposes large pieces of the machinery from Wheeler No. 1 Gun.

The Dog Tags rode home in the flag I flew over the island.

I would like to contact the family and get the Dog Tags back to them. *

Any help would be appreciated, just want to do the right thing by Matthew Musolino.


*He did. See




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