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Paul N. SAUL

Pfc, 2d Platoon "A" Company

K.I.A., Monkey Point, Corregidor

26 February 1945


Almost immediately we were strung out over the entrance to a large cave with a metal door. A tank sat broadside about 30 yards from the door. Other patrol members stretched ahead, then down so that the patrol’s first scout, Ted (“Pat”) White, was at the entrance level and a little to one side. I was not quite to a point directly over the door and, looking down to the right, could see Pat, the door and the tank.

Pat called up to us, “There are two dead Yanks down here.” That’s all I can remember, so it is probably when the explosion occurred. I have been told that the whole of its force could not escape out the entrance (but what did tipped the tank,) so the earth over the cave, to my left, opened up. Likely the concussion from that broke my left eardrum and killed my left eye’s optic nerve. The broken bones were probably due to falling rocks. I received casts on both legs, and other care, at our aid station, though I cannot remember it and was sent to a hospital at Subic Bay where I “came to.”

Pat White was not killed by the explosion; Bob Atz and Paul Saul were.


Howard Lout


Paul Saul (right) is pictured with his older brother, Woodward Saul, who served with the 101st and jumped on "D-Day".  The photo is courtesy of their nephew, Ronald Jackson, via Dan MacRaild.




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