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Pfc "E" Company, 503d PRCT

K.I.A., James Ravine, Corregidor

 Sunday 18 February 1945


People thought Segobia was a Mexican and his best friend, John Romero was a Mexican. Segobia had Indian blood. He was a golden glove boxing champion and a great fighter. His friend Romero was smarter but no fighter. Romero would get them in trouble and Segobia would fight their way out. Romero told me he and Segob (as he always called him) were laying side by side down James Ravine trying to spot the Jap MG which was firing at them.  After a burst, Romero said "Boy, Segob, that was close, wasn't it, Segob?, Segob?, Segob?" 

And he turned to Segobia to find  he was dead.

Don Abbott 


Whitson's platoon had advanced only fifty yards along the road leading into (James) ravine when it received fire from a Nambu machine gun. With an opening three round adjustment burst from a concealed position somewhere on the ravine floor, the Japanese machine gunner managed to kill the platoon's lead scout, Private First Class James S. Segobia. The enemy gunner quickly shifted his point of aim to Private First Class Edward T. Redfield, the next man in line, and wounded him severely with a second burst of three. 

Gerard M. Devlin
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St Martin's Press, New York (1992) 
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