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Bonnell H. STONE

1st Lieutenant "H" Co., 3d Bn, 503d PRCT 

K.I.A., Battery Pt., Corregidor 

19 February 1945


As H Company pressed east towards the old power plant, the troopers were in a line of squad columns formation, two abreast, one platoon in reserve. A flushed Japanese from the lantana brush ran into a nearby cave opening.  Lieutenant Bonnel Stone, leading the platoon, ran after the Japanese soldier and fired his carbine at the retreating enemy as he fled into the cavern recess. The entire hillside exploded at that instant. I was watching Lieutenant Stone as he fired and observed him vaporizing. A moment later the hillside rose considerably, felling all to their knees. The hillside then began crumbling and rolling down slope toward the nearby sea.  In addition to Lieutenant Stone, four enlisted men were killed by the landslide. The bodies of Pfc. James Moore and Pvt. Albert Lovenguth were never found.

Bennett M. Guthrie 
'Three Winds of Death'

Diary Entry: Monday Feb. 19th 1945

"Lt. Bonnell Stone took a patrol to BATTERY POINT. Cave blew up as Bonnell chased a Nip  into the entrance... Stone, Dave Beatty, James Moore, Levenguth and Shankles were caught in explosion and killed -- Seven more wounded."

Some bodies were recovered. I saw Dave Beatty's body and a body I thought was Shankles' but Stone was blown to bits... Dom Dimassio was injured and had to be led back to the company. He was able to walk. It  was hard to tell it was him.  Both eyes were completely closed and his face was swollen about twice it's normal size.. His lips and eyes were so puffed out that his  nose seemed to have sunk in his head...

Oddly Dave Beatty's remains were not badly distorted.. I realized it was him without to much effort...

Diary Entry: Tuesday Feb. 20th 1945

"Went out on patrol.  Eleven men able to go from 1st platoon. (Bonnell Stone's  platoon."

Capt. Jim Mullaney
"H" Co




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