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Robert L. THOMAS

Pfc., Third Platoon, "A" Company, 503d PRCT

Topside, Corregidor

19 February 1945


The night of February 19/20 there was a whopper of an explosion which shook our area and maybe the entire island. Gerard Devlin speaks of it on page 152 of his “Back to Corregidor.”

That night third platoon was the right flank of "A" Company’s defensive line along the road which runs south from Senior Officers’ Row, then abruptly east. The sharp turn put the position Jack Felleng and I occupied almost back to back with the next two positions to the east. 

After the blast, chunks of debris sort of whispered as they fell to clatter or clunk, depending on size, when they hit the ground. 

Next morning, after checking on the rest of my squad, I visited those two positions. R. L. Thomas had been killed when a rock about half the size of an office desk landed squarely on him. (I’m virtually certain his initials were R.L., not R.F. as shown on the 503 “Wartime Dead” list.)

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