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 Lighthouse, Water Tanks, Senior Officers Housing, Landing Zone B, Batteries Geary and Crockett, Geary Point. 




111-SC-200787-S 111-SC-200787-S.jpg (33963 bytes)

111-SC-200787-S.jpg (33963 bytes)




  Searchlight Point, No Name Point, Btry. Wheeler, Landing Zones A & B,  Mile Long Barracks, Hospital,  Bottomside, C-47, Malinta Hill 




111-SC-201041 111-SC-201041.jpg (41166 bytes)

111-SC-201041.jpg (41166 bytes)




 Landing Zone B,  Noon Drop,  AA Tower, Caballo Is. 




111-SC-202592 111-SC-202592.jpg (56451 bytes)

111-SC-202592.jpg (56451 bytes)



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Battery Wheeler, NCO Married Qtrs., Landing Zone A, Topside, Lighthouse, Engineer's Ravine, Bottomside, Malinta Hill 




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111-SC-202594.jpg (52741 bytes)



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 PT Boat heading for area of stranded paratroopers - Searchlight Point (left), Geary Point (right), as C-47 deposits a stick on Landing Zone B. Mt. * , Bataan in background.   




111-SC-202981 111-SC-202981.jpg (54655 bytes)

111-SC-202981.jpg (54655 bytes)





  Landing Zone B, Btty Geary, Btty Crockett,  as stick of 10 descends, PT Boat. 




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111-SC-202997.jpg (53917 bytes)



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 (L. to R.) 1st Sgt Albert Baldwin, S/Sgt Charles McCurry, Bill McDonald, Marion Boone, Paul Narrow, Ralph Iverson. They were the third stick in plane #22, "F" Company's first plane.  Baldwin was to jumpmaster the third pass over Corregidor. The photo is one of a series taken on the ground at Hill Strip, Mindoro by Signal Corps photographer Yednick, who was the 8th man in the stick. However, on the 2nd pass, the plane's port engine was hit and it had to head for safety over Bataan, where the men jumped to safet y. They arrived the next day by sea. Remarkably, the photo of a group who did not jump became one of the most widely publicized photos of the airborne invasion.  The plane flew back to Mindoro 




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111-SC-216827.jpg (50811 bytes)



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Battery Hearn 




111-SC-242022 111-SC-242022.jpg (70122 bytes)

111-SC-242022.jpg (70122 bytes)



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Pre-Invasion photograph: Middleside Barracks, Hospital, Btty. Way,  Mile Long Barracks, NCO Married Qtrs., inema, Officers Row, Post HQ., Btty. Wheeler (far right) Light House, Water Towers, Senior Officers Row, Golf Course, Btty Geary, Btty. Crockett. 




111-SC-263655 111-SC-263655.jpg (51687 bytes)

111-SC-263655.jpg (51687 bytes)





 Officers Swimming Pool as C-47 drops a stick of 7. Last chute from the previous stick is still airborne (above trees). A dead trooper  who suffered a parachute malfunction is shrouded in one of the two white chutes.  A group of troopers gathers at the base of the taller tree. 




111-SC-309046 111-SC-309046.jpg (57082 bytes)

111-SC-309046.jpg (57082 bytes)





 Mile Long Barracks, Cinema, Post HQ, Landing Zone A, Senior Officers Houses, C-47  in mid-drop, as  elements of Task Group "A" of the 532nd Engineer Boat & Shore Regiment move into position for the invasion at South "Black" Beach. Destroyers and a cruiser are in the background. 




111-SC-377591 111-SC-377591.jpg (49585 bytes)

111-SC-377591.jpg (49585 bytes)



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 Lighthouse, Water Tanks, C-47 with a stick of 7; Notice men already on top of the water towers.  This is a good picture of the spears made by bombs and shells cutting trees and brush. In Mississippi, we called these "stobs."  




111-SC-414075 111-SC-414075.jpg (70403 bytes)

111-SC-414075.jpg (70403 bytes)



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 Cinema, BOQ, Post HQ,  Lighthouse,  Senior Officer's Row, Landing Zone B, Btty Crockett. The destroyer is on station from where they shelled Caballo Island. It was also here that the destroyer was hit when it rained boulders after the big explosion. 




111-SC-FH 111-SC-FH.jpg (62787 bytes)

111-SC-FH.jpg (62787 bytes)



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At  0830 hours, with the first parachutes yet to land,  a C-47 passes over Officers Row and drops on Landing Zone B. There are 7 chutes pictured. The 25 knot wind really blew us back.   Between the Cinema andMile Long Barracks is the telephone exchange building.  This print is available as a hand-printed custom sized poster from the original negative, from Fred Hill, the photo-lab chief of the 17th Recon Squadron.  The original negative extends all the way to the ocean.  




111-SC-FH2 111-SC-FH2.jpg (59044 bytes)

111-SC-FH2.jpg (59044 bytes)




The remains of AA Battery Boston greeted those who undershot the athletic field Landing Zone A. The road to the foreground of the Senior Officers Row  marked the Japanese controlled Crockett Ravine.  The house at the far west of the row, Qtrs. 28D, became the F Company C.P. 




111-SC-FH3 111-SC-FH3.jpg (51362 bytes)

111-SC-FH3.jpg (51362 bytes)



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 The 34th Infantry landed on South Beach in five waves, and this photo shows the situation as the third wave heads towards the landing, the second wave withdrawing.  Landing Zones A and B  are clearly shown. The area short of the married quarters (left foreground) remained under Japanese control. 




80-G-273306 80-G-273306.jpg (21689 bytes)

80-G-273306.jpg (21689 bytes)




 A PT Boat crew respond to several paratroopers who have made their way down towards Wheeler Point. Behind the troopers is Battery Monja, which will remain unconquered Japanese territory until January 1, 1946. 




80-G-273308 80-G-273308.jpg (39391 bytes)

80-G-273308.jpg (39391 bytes)



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 Troopers on shore await rescue.  




80-G-328120 80-G-328120.jpg (26402 bytes)

80-G-328120.jpg (26402 bytes)



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 PT  Boat crew follow the action as a C-47 approached Landing Zone A, whilst another C-47 turns to port to line up for the next approach. Each circuit will take approximately 15 minutes.  




80-G-328123 80-G-328123.jpg (41053 bytes)

80-G-328123.jpg (41053 bytes)



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 There are at least 19 men standing on the foredeck of  PT-373 as it cruises past Wheeler Point.   




80-G-328125 80-G-328125.jpg (52697 bytes)

80-G-328125.jpg (52697 bytes)



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 A rescue inflatable from a PT Boat approaches stranded paratroopers  




80-G-328126 80-G-328126.jpg (30436 bytes)

80-G-328126.jpg (30436 bytes)



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 PT Crewmen look on as a C-47 drops a stick of 9 paratroopers on Landing Zone B.  Facing 25 knot winds, the first men of this stick risk being blown back over the ravine into Japanese held territory. 




80-G-328127 80-G-328127.jpg (29578 bytes)

80-G-328127.jpg (29578 bytes)



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The view of Geary Point from the deck of a PT Boat on station.  There are at least 15 parachutes still in the air, some of which are being blown deep into Japanese held territory. 




AC 60239 AC 60239.jpg (70040 bytes)

AC 60239.jpg (70040 bytes)



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Air Corps photo.  




CHS-503 HC 1 CHS-503 HC 1.jpg (72629 bytes)

CHS-503 HC 1.jpg (72629 bytes)




tAs the aircraft passes over Battery Crockett, it presents a comprehensive view of Landing Zone B.  Middleside Barracks is at top right. 




CHS-503 HC 2 CHS-503 HC 2.jpg (49739 bytes)

CHS-503 HC 2.jpg (49739 bytes)



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 This pre-bombing photograph has caught a Japanese vehicle on the road between Battery Cheney and the crest of Wheeler Point. In the left mid-ground is Battery Hearn, and behind it, Way Hill. In the background, Topside is laid out like a table setting.  




CHS-503 HC 3 CHS-503 HC 3.jpg (58153 bytes)

CHS-503 HC 3.jpg (58153 bytes)



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 A long lens brings  Landing Zone B into perspective, with Crockett Ravine (foreground) and the lighthouse / water towers in the background.  




CHS-503 HC 4 CHS-503 HC 4.jpg (52905 bytes)

CHS-503 HC 4.jpg (52905 bytes)



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 Parachutes land on the US held side of the NCO Married Quarters. The Japanese held the far side of the building. In the background (at left) is Battery Cheney.   Sunset Ridge is at far right. 




CHS-503 HC 5 CHS-503 HC 5.jpg (43661 bytes)

CHS-503 HC 5.jpg (43661 bytes)



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This stick of 8  paratroopers is heading for trouble, being blown back over Japanese held territory. To the right is Sunset Ridge.    




CHS-503 HC 6 CHS-503 HC 6.jpg (63544 bytes)

CHS-503 HC 6.jpg (63544 bytes)



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 The jumpmasters-eye-view of Landing Zone B, with Officers Row below. 




CHS-503 HC 7 CHS-503 HC 7.jpg (45373 bytes)

CHS-503 HC 7.jpg (45373 bytes)




 The area short of Landing Zone A is littered with parachutes, and troopers can be seen taking cover in the old revetments of Battery Boston. Crockett Ravine (at right) was Japanese held territory up to the houses of Officers Row where they backed on to the ravine. A hand-made print of this photograph is available from Fred Hill.  




CHS-503 HC 8 CHS-503 HC 8.jpg (45275 bytes)

CHS-503 HC 8.jpg (45275 bytes)




 These three buildings were the NCO's Married Quarters, and they marked the safe perimeter for landing. Those on the near side have landed safely, but those landing on the other side of the building  are in Japanese territory. At far left is Battery Wheeler, which was originally unoccupied by the Japanese, but would soon become the scene of heavy fighting, requiring it be taken three times. Each time, the Japanese would be able to reoccupy the lower parts of the battery building, raising speculation of a tunnel - but no connection between Wheeler Tunnel and Battery Wheeler could ever be found.   In the foreground sits the remains of one of the 3" AA guns of Battery Boston.  The spare barrel sits alongside the road to Battery Wheeler, where it remains to this day. At the top right , Battery Hearn can be seen, together with the air vents above the Hearn Magazine. 




CHS-503 HC 9 CHS-503 HC 9.jpg (30428 bytes)

CHS-503 HC 9.jpg (30428 bytes)



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 A stick of  7 drifts down. I cannot recognize the terrain with certainty. 




CHS-503 HC 10 CHS-503 HC 10.jpg (62630 bytes)

CHS-503 HC 10.jpg (62630 bytes)



Landing Zone B, clearly showing the relationship between the Officer's Swimming Pool, the Corregidor Club, and Senior Officers Row. Towards the bottom right of the Swimming Pool, a large group of Paratroopers are gathering in the cover of a deep bomb crater. 




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