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"Bill Bailey's Photo Collection"


 - Photos from Bill Bailey's private collection - Corregidor in color!!"  

"Combat Over Corregidor"

 - The definitive history of Corregidor by a participant, this manuscript  by Dr. Charles Bradford was the "anonymous" source for the Devlin and Flanagan books.   

"Combat Photos of Corregidor"
- The Heritage Collection

 - Tony Sierra ("D" Coy) sent in some photos, and we've also collected a few ourselves "from the Gavin Collection."  

"Charles A. Durden's
Photo Collection"

- Three dozen photos of the 503d PRCT in Mindoro and Negros.

From the Brisbane "Truth" Newspaper - 23 July 1944 

- A story of murder, a Court Martial, and some very dubious machinations of officialdom to have a 503d trooper transferred out of the state so he could be executed. There's a film script in this one.

"The Lost Road"

- All too often, tales are spun of battles which are figments of men's ambitions. The record is here corrected.

"Mac Gallaspy's Photo Collection"

- Photos from Mac's private collection of Corregidor photographs

"My Day With The Rattlesnakes"

 - It is said about historians that everything they print is absolutely accurate, except those items about which you have a close personal knowledge and which they got completely wrong. Well, sometimes I feel that way about the "F" Company's descent of Grubbs Ravine on 22 February 1945 because, as Bill McDonald once told me, "If you're thrown in a den of rattlesnakes, you won't forget one moment of it.  - Bill Calhoun

Negros was No Playground
(The View From "B" Co., 1st Bn.) 

  When John Reynolds completed the Partial History of the 503d Negros Mission he did not have the benefit of any comments from B Co. Louis Aiken, a platoon sergeant of "B" Co. co-authored this article with John Reynolds.

"Night at Battery Wheeler"

 - John Lindgren revisits the scene of The Night - Still, in my view, the finest article on the website, it catches the bittersweet memories which are the essence of a Corregidor Revisited. It does for Corregidor what the first chapter of Bernie Lay's Twelve O'Clock High did for the 8th Army Air Force.

"The Night of a Thousand Hours"

 - On the night of the 18/19th February, the weight of the initial Japanese attack fell upon F Company dug in over the magazine of Battery Hearn.  Earlier that day, F Company had taken Battery Smith, and had withdrawn to positions atop Battery Hearn  and Way Hill.  Bill Calhoun presents the comprehensive study of the action, and the lessons learned. 

"Operation Topside" - Pictorial

- A spectacular pictorial catalogue of large format (10'x8') photographs of the parachute drop of 16 Feb 1945 - now available direct from Fred Hill, who was a member of the Recon Unit.

"An Outline of Events at Wheeler Point on 18 and 19 February, 1945"

 - More years ago than I'm sure he cares to remember, John Lindgren felt the compulsion to get to the bottom of what happened that night at Wheeler Point.  This article was his starting point, and though he resolves some old questions,  new ones are sure to arise.   This won't be the final word on the topic, but for the moment we bring it to you perhaps as your starting point towards understanding the Battle at  Banzai Point.  

"A Partial History of the 503d's Negros Mission" - A chronology

The 503d's Negros Campaign was not only extensive, it was also multi-phased and complex, and it evoked ambiguous and sometimes vastly conflicting memories as to what occurred. John Reynolds comprehensive article includes a chronology and a four phase analysis of the most difficult campaign of them all.

"Recapture of Corregidor"

 - Reprint of a contemporary article from the Vol III No. 4 (April 1945)  edition of the official Confidential AAF publication for pilots and bombardiers, IMPACT.

"Return to the Rock"


 - The text is reproduced from the Vol III No. 9 (Sept-Oct 1945)  edition of IMPACT, the Army Air Forces' Confidential Picture History of World War II.

"The Strange Tale of Suicide Cliff"

 - The story of Suicide Cliff is just that - a story. There was no mass suicide there, and the stories of them were perpetrated by  unscrupulous operators seeking big tips from Japanese tourists. The area, known to members of D Company, 503d PRCT as "Banzai Cliff" has a more interesting origin.


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