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3 - 9 DECEMBER 1944


3 December 1944



0800 hr

 Heavy Jap air raids are experienced over the harbor to our front, and north and south of our RCT area, but we are still unmolested, Ack-ack and our fighters have downed quite a few Jap within our ken, but no US planes have been seen knocked down.




4 December 1944



1100 hr

Specialized training program is progressing as planned, with volley ball being the main attraction afternoon, followed by a swim. The food is not too good, and is the only weak link in a nice camp life.




5 December 1944



This page is deliberately blank






6 December 1944



1900 hr

A large group of the 77th Div. boarded LCI’s and other craft in front of our RCT area this morning, and the nips must be trying to locate the convoy. There are jap dive-bombers and fighters in every point of the compass, and the ack-ack barrage in the dusk is terrific.

The beach immediately south of our RCT area has been strafed, and all our personnel has been ordered off the beach and dispersed in the area.

Large Jap planes, possibly transports for parachutists are visible out over the harbor.

2030 hr

The raid lasted 1 1/2 hours and we will have a movie on the beach.




7 December 1944



0800 hr

During the heavy raid last night, approximately 150 Nip paratroopers were dropped 10 miles northwest of here at an airstrip under construction. The strip was lightly guarded, and most of the Japs escaped after inflicting considerable damage.

3 jap parachutists were washed ashore 1 mile up the beach, with unopened chutes on their backs, and carrying large amounts of ammo and explosives. They hesitated in the door, I guess, and were kicked out over the harbor, or their plane was shot down.





8 December 1944



0800 hr

A Regt’l CPX will occupy the entire morning as a final check on our communications system. The mission is still postponed, not cancelled, and all is in readiness to move out.



9 December 1944



1000 hr

At Bn CO’s meeting Col. BRITTEN again received the go-ahead signal on our mission. Tents, organizational equipment and cots will be stored at RSO tomorrow, with exception of 2 tents per platoon, which will be left standing until the morning of the tenth. All slit trenches will be filled tomorrow and the area thoroughly policed.

A change in the mission of the 2nd Bn has been made, and will be found in the S-3 report. There is a lot more in San Jose than originally believed, but the 2nd Bn will have the mission of clearing the entire town.









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