Lester H. Levine
1st Lt., 503d Prcht. Inf.



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Office of the Commanding Officer

APO 73


4 March 45




SUBJECT: Souveniring


TO       : All Units, Rock Force



1.      Despite previous instructions, individuals continue souveniring in areas as yet uncleared completely of enemy.


2.   This practice of unauthorised souveniring is endangering the lives of the souvenir hunters and materially hampering patrols.


3.    Effective immediately, souveniring in any area will be permitted only upon specific authority granted by Unit Commander responsible for the patrolling of that area.


4.    Patrols will not be held responsible for the safety of any individual or group not obtaining such specific authority.


5.    Guards will be posted by Battalions at the entrances of their Zones of Responsibility to insure compliance with the foregoing.


6.    The contents of this Letter will be brought to the attention of all members of the Rock Force and pertinent excerpts will be posted permanently on all bulletin boards.



1st Lt., 503d Prcht. Inf.








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