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Martin Spirit
Original Artwork Graphic
Martin readily assisted us with visualizing and creating  the Corregidor Then and Now flag motif which opens the original website. 

Eric Sprengle
Contributions of original material, Advices.
Eric runs a site through his local VFW in Madison Wisconsin and has given readily of his assistance through commentary, submitting original articles, and the voice of webmaster experience. 

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Joe Kauffman
Advice and assistance beyond the call of duty relating to the quest for the publication of "COMBAT OVER CORREGIDOR"  


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Patrick Clancey
Permission to reprint extracts relevant to Corregidor from the HyperWar project.
As a webmaster, his approach to history on the internet and generosity of spirit  is a bright and shining example to others of the primacy of 'getting the past into the future'.  That, after all, is the purpose of a real historian.

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Earl Faubion
Permission to use materials relevant to the USS Fletcher at Corregidor. 



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Martyn Keen
The preparation of original digital maps of Corregidor.


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