Many of the men who served in the 503d have this feeling of a family relationship. We have a closeness and a camaraderie that is shared by only a scant few in a national population of 250 million. Like all families, we have a lineage consisting of ancestors and progeny. The 503d Parachute Infantry Regiment and the 503d Parachute Regimental Combat Team were both just a historical segment of the 503d lineage. They were neither the Alpha nor the Omega - the beginning or the end. In the development and the discussion of a family lineage one usually works from the present back to the past - from the foliage to the roots. And the 503d has a current foliage carrying on the name of the 503d.  They are the 1st Battalion, 503d Infantry assigned to the 2nd Infantry Division in Korea, and the 2d Battalion, 503d Airborne Infantry assigned to the 173d Airborne Brigade in Vicenza, Italy. Their lineage is of THE ROCK REGIMENT.

It had been suggested to me that many of you might be interested in the 503d lineage, interested in your 503d family. 

John D. Reynolds
"D" Co. 503d PRCT





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First Published in The Static Line February 1996 
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