John D. Reynolds


12 SEP 1942

Constituted in the Army of the United States as Company C, 161st Engineer Battalion.

15 NOV 1942

Activated at Fort Bliss, Texas as Company C, 161st Engineer Squadron.

1 MAY 1943

Redesignated as the 161st Airborne Engineer Battalion.

2 APR 1945

Redesignated as Company C, 161st Parachute Engineers.

25 OCT 1945

Inactivated at Negros Island, Philippines.

24 JUL 1946

Redesignated as the 161st Engineer Parachute Company.

1 AUG. 1946

Reactivated at Fort Benning, Georgia.

14 NOV 1946

Inactivated at Fort Benning, Georgia.

15 OCT 1957

Reactivated as the 161st Engineer Company.

15 MAY 1963

Inactivated in Korea.




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