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July 28, 1999  Paul Whitman  [email protected]  Australia  Message #1: 12 July 1999 Welcome to our new facility, where you can post directly to the discussion forum. Please lets keep the character assassinations down to a tolerable level. Regards, Webmaster.

 July 28, 1999  Kirk J. Poole  [email protected]  -  Greetings to the best website on the entire web! Let's all stand up and congratulate Paul on the grand work he is doing here. Regards, Kirk

 July 28, 1999  Tony Feredo  [email protected]  -  Very good website and I really like to content. I am looking forward for exchanging views and other comments from other Corregidor afficionados like me.

 July 28, 1999  P. Kulp  [email protected]  -  Dear Ed, I am trying to assist a fellow I met at a campground on the 4th of July, 1999 by using the internet to locate members of his former unit. Unfortunately, I have very little information available to begin with, and a serious lack of detailed knowledge about World War II. I was hoping that you or one of your associates may be able to help me help my friend by pointing me in the right direction. What I know is this: Stationed on the Philippines as part of 32nd Div(?), around mid 40’s, then with 24th Div(?) in Japan somewhere. Served as a member of the motor pool in both units. I know it’s not much to go on, but I couldn’t refuse to at least try to help my new friend ! Any help you might provide would be greatly appreciated!! Your web site is great too! Sincerely, Philip Kulp

 July 28, 1999  Richard Snyder  [email protected]  -  I would like to obtain permission to use the Corregidor map by Paul F. Whitman. Jeppesen is publishing a new book on Aviation History and would like to include this map in the section covering Corregidor. Please let me know by July 23 if we can obtain the permission. Thanks, Richard Snyder.

 July 28, 1999  Scot Harrison  [email protected]  -  Major Nelson W. Raymond was an intelligence operations officer and Lt. with the G-2 office of the Philippine Department at the time World War II started. He was the pre-war handler for Richard Sakakida who was a nisei undercover operative in Manila in th months just prior to the war. Sakakida was targeted against pre-war Manila's suspect Japanese community. There is also an unconfirmed story that Raymond handled two Moro female sources on Mindanao who reported on Japanese 5th columnist efforts in the s uthern islands. Folklore has It that these two females were the illegitimate daughters of General Pershing who sired them while assigned to Mindanao prior to World War I. Before the summer of 1940, Raymond was a warrant officer with the Philippine Department Adjutant General's office. Raymond allegedly spent nearly 30 years in Asia before the war as an Army intelligence operative. He supposedly spent several of these years in the Fort Shafter G-2 Section working for future General Patton. While assigned to the Hawaii Department, Raymo

 July 28, 1999  Tony Feredo  [email protected]  -  I am deeply sadden by the news of Mr. Bill Delich's death. I was fortunate to meet Mr. Delich and his son, during his trip to "The Rock" last April of 1998. Although I am not close to him, it's very depressing that such a good man like Mr. Delich who has done a lot for his country, his family and for the island depart from us. To the family of Mr. Delich, my condolences. I shall never forget the stories and experiences that he has shared with us.

 August 9, 1999  Vern Holm  F[email protected]  USA  I revisited your website. Very impressive. My wife and I just purchased a nice digital camera yesterday (still learning how to operate it!!). When I get the time I will take some closeups of Dad’s little book that he had in POW camp and will e-mail them to you. I think you will find some of the stuff interesting. Dad handmade this book out of a sardine can flattened and covered with a scrap of canvas. It has a small tablet inside where he recorded information he felt important or wanted to remember. The original pencil he had in POW camp (about 1 inch long) is still in the little canvas loop he made to hold it inside the booklet cover. How he managed to hide this through all the travels I will never know. Vern Holm.

 October 8, 1999  Jay Cole  [email protected]  Georgia  For what it's worth: I am in possession of a video we shot of Adm.Bulkeley in which he states he took MacArthur off Corregidor from the north dock. Also, I have a video interview with a Naval Officer who served with and visited Corregidor with Bulkeley in 1977, who says Bulkeley told the Filipino guide that the history books are wrong, it was the north dock, no doubt about it. So, here's more fuel for the trivia! Jay Cole

 October 24, 1999  Marc Delich  [email protected]  Mesa, Az  Thank you, I love how you dis-played my grandpas  like that, and how you paid tribute to my late grandpa Bill Delich. Thank you, Marc C Delich

 November 8, 1999  Dan Henningsen  [email protected]  Grand Rapids, MI  Fantastic site! Would anyone be interested in a group visit to Corregidor? I would like to go as a group of regular visitors of this site. Any takers?

 November 30, 1999  Jose Ma. N. Ramos  [email protected]  Philippines  Greetings! I have a small outfit that creates hikes and adventure games on Corregidor Island. I am in constant touch with the island, and I can contact the Corregidor Foundation for you, should you have any questions. The Corregidor Foundation is the entity that maintains the island as a shrine/national monument. The CFI is directly under the Department of Tourism of the Philippines. If you have any requests for photos or graphics, I can certainly take some shots if and when we go there for an activity (free -- this is a labor of love). I'll e-mail the stuff for you if you like (I also happen to be a professional photographer) My Dad was in the Philippine Army Air Corps (PAAC) at that time, and was assigned to the "Rock" during the siege.

 December 4, 1999  Bob Tallieu  [email protected]  Michigan  Very educational site with new and interesting information. Thank You

 December 12, 1999  Paul Whitman  [email protected]  Brisbane, Australia  There aren't any changes in the website these last weeks, and there won't be any for a few weeks as I am completely re-working all the pages preparatory for a move to a new web-host. Hopefully, we can then get all the bugs out which have plagued us since the move to Microsoft hosting. I leave for Corregidor on 3 January, and our "2000 Composite Group" will form on 10 January for two weeks of concentrated exploration. I aim to have the website together prior to my departure.

 February 10, 2000  Ed  [email protected]  Brisbane, Australia  Welcome to the new site - New, because we've now formed the CORREGIDOR HISTORICAL SOCIETY and new because we have a new host server.

 February 25, 2000  Brock Mullis  [email protected]  Missouri  My father, Duane R. Mullis served in the 503rd throughout the war. He passed away in 1974 and I wondered if anyone would have a roster that would have his  and designation within the 503rd. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

 March 5, 2000  Sheldon Zimbler  [email protected]  Kingston, NY  looking for information regarding Col Abe Garfunkel - Inspector Gen, Judge Advocate General II Philippine Corps- captured, survived and returned to the US 1945. My wife is his great niece. He died mid 60's- probably 63!

 March 9, 2000  Margaret L. H. Aurand, Esq.  [email protected]  Atlanta, GA  Was delighted to find your site. My grandparents, Henry S. and Margaret D. Aurand and their two sons Evan Peter and Henry S. Junior, lived topside on Corregidor from about 1925 to about 1927. Perhaps Dr. Calmes's family might have known them? I have a number of photographs from my grandmother's collection (she died just recently at 102), and would like help identifying them. If you would like to post them on your site, I have them scanned and in *.jpg files.

 March 21, 2000  Frank Asturias  [email protected]  Fairfield, California  Excellent Web Site. I'm looking forward to visiting The Rock again, as soon as possible. Anyone interested in Coast Artillery might want to know about the last working disappearing rifle. It's in San Francisco, at Baker's Beach, part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. The gun is a 6 inch rifle,1904 vintage if memory serves me correctly, semi-functioning in that the traversing gears are frozen but it retracts to load position and springs up to battery position quite well. For about a year I was part of a volunteer group that worked on the gun, doing maintenance and attempting to free up the traversing gears. We also put together displays of 1941-42 vintage equipment for display at the gun. For reasons that are still not clear, The National Park Service shut down all volunteer activity at the gun. But, they should still be willing to show it to interested visitors. Just contact the GGNRA office at Fort Mason and ask about Battery Chaimberlain if you are in the area. It's well worth a look.

 March 21, 2000  Amanda Linford  [email protected]  Evanston, WY  Just looking up information on Corregidor for my 5th grade class. We wanted to know more and found your site to be very helpful. Thanks!

 March 23, 2000  Tim Lyon  [email protected]  Michigan  I was stationed in the P.I. from 79-82 at Clark AB, & married a gal from Palo, Leyte. I was only 19 at the time & didn't have much of an interest in the historical value of the islands at that time. However, I'm planning my first trip back next year, and Corregidor will be one of my first stops. Please feel free to e-mail me for more information or conversation if you like.

 March 23, 2000  Kenneth L. Schneider  [email protected]  Seattle, WA  I have been waiting for several years to see a website that was devoted to Corregidor. I am a Vietnam Era vet who has been studying both Bataan and Corregidor for decades as an avid historian. Great site!! Especially the before the war pictures. Please let those of us who weren't born then, see what Corregidor looked like before it was destroyed. Keep up the great work.

 March 23, 2000  Michael C. Hubbard  [email protected]  Indiana, USA  As the son of a Pearl Harbor suvivor, I have always been fascinated by events of WW2 in the Pacific. And as the Coast Artillery Corps has always interested me as well, I have found this site to be of particular interest. Well done, and I will be visiting often.

 March 27, 2000  Karson Snyder  [email protected]  North Carolina  My father, Bob "Doc" Snyder, was in F Co., 503d RCT as a rifleman. We're getting him a computer and hope to get him hooked up soon. He's still living in Winston-Salem, NC, but his squad is getting small. Among others, he's lost Carl "Mean" Ballard, his squad leader, and A.T. Field, his Asst. Squad Leader / 1st SGT over the last few years. Both good men and much missed. Dad didn't make it to Corregidor in '95, but I hope he goes back soon, especially to Negros. The proudest thing that I can say is that I'm his son. I also feel very lucky to have graduated from West Point exactly 50 yrs after BG Jones. In fact, I saw him a few weeks before my graduation while he was at his 50th reunion there in the Spring of 1985. He was quite a man. All of you are quite a group of men. The thing that has impressed me the most over the years at all the reunions I've gone to is that the 3000 Thieves are actually very much gentlemen. Respectfully, Karson Snyder Major, Infantry USMA '85


April 11, 2000  Sharry Fassett  [email protected]  Prineville, OR  I had no idea.....thank you for this website. Sharry

 April 13, 2000  Chet Nycum  [email protected]  Maryland  Served with the 503 from start to finish

 April 19, 2000  John Chaffey  [email protected]  Powell Wyoming  I recently returned from a trip to the PI. The hi-light was definitely the day tour I took of Corregidor. We had a tremendous tour guide by the  of "Ramon." The island was clean and well kept. The Memorial at Topside brought tears to my eyes. Every American should visit that hallowed ground sometime in there life.

 April 20, 2000  Gene Frederickson  [email protected]  Moreno Valley, California  OUTstanding site. Obviously a great deal of hard work went into it. I've been to the Rock three times, most recently in 1991, and look forward to returning again and again - thanks to your site!

 April 21, 2000  Tony Feredo  [email protected]  Philipppines  The site keeps getting better and better. Keep up the good work Mr. Whitman. Mabuhay!!!!

 April 23, 2000  PFC Phillip Coates  [email protected]  New Jersey, USA  I was researching a paper about Gen. MacArthur and why he left behind so many troops in the Philippines. The stories are many and all so sad. Your information was beyond the most detailed available on the web. I salute anyone that wears the ribbons of that forsaken war in the South Pacific

 April 28, 2000  Chuck Cabbage  [email protected]  Lk Panasoffkee, FL  Your site has floored me. First read the Belote's book 1971, and became interested. Graduated HS in R.P. 1978. Lee Skinner was my history teacher, its good to see his  here. Spent easter (4 days) camping out with a guy d Phil Marshall, with Mr. Skinner and Jim Black staying at the (old, now I guess) inn. Saw the infantry tunnel in J. Ravine and some of the big batteries. Phil and I really wanted to try for Monja from Wheeler but late day, no rope and STEEP. Word in those days was the south coast road was simply gone. Anyway thanks for your site and your time, I got just a few old 125 shots I'll try to get to you. The place is never very far from my mind.

 May 2, 2000  Bob Comer  [email protected]  Magnolia, Ohio  Wonderful Corregidor Website! Great historical information. Pictures I took on Corregidor in 1970 are available now at http://members.xoom.com/_XMCM/navyscpo/index.htm Scroll down below the patches. Click on the line with "San Miguel" in it and you will see a window with a "Corregidor" line. Click there. I was stationed at Naval Communications Station San Miguel in 1970. San Miguel was about 26 miles north of Subic Bay Naval Base. I was fortunate to travel to Corregidor with a Special Services Tour. You will see in my 1970 photos that the various mortars and guns have a rather attractive red, rusty color. If you look closely, you can see some machine gun bullet hits on the side of one of the mortars. We were told not to take any pictures in or around Malinta Tunnel so I have none. Visiting Corregidor was one of the memorable things I did while stationed in the Philippines with the U.S. Navy. Regards, Bob Comer, former Petty Officer 2nd class, USN, Communications Technician, Magnolia, Ohio

 May 4, 2000  Jim Feather  [email protected]  Smiyhfield Pa--St James City Fla  Good to find this page on the net and would appreciate any other about the 503 as I was in RHQ and a radio opr and body guard for Gen Jones until I was injured on Noemfoor.

 May 11, 2000  Dudley Parker  [email protected]  Australia  I can across your site while in the process of researching information o the 503rs Parachute Battalion company E. The reason for my research was to find information on my sister and my background. In the past I kept coming up against brick walls I not sure if it was the U.S. Government putting them or our father who did not want us to know if he were alive or dead. But now thanks to your site we now at know what he looked like. This is something that up to Thursday night. He is the one third from the front in the first row in phot of E company HQ in front of 59th CA Barracks. Sorry for the long comment but thanks on behalf of my sister and myself. Dudley Parker

 May 17, 2000  Tony Feredo  [email protected]  Philippines  Browsed again and noticed the new additions on the site. Keep up the good work.. Mabuhay!!!

 May 20, 2000  Former SGT. Mark Worthy  [email protected]  Alabama  I have just found this site and I am looking forward to exploring it fully.

 May 30, 2000  john r holmes  [email protected]  nova scotia, canada  First, let me say thank you for the site. I have long been interested in the 503rd as i am d after my uncle John Allen Holmes. Uncle John was in "G" company. Recently, my parents went to Australia to visit my aunt Helen (sister). Helen sent back many letters that John had written home. Is there anyone out there that knew him and would share a story with me? I have some Jap postcards and a Jap rifle that he sent home.

 June 1, 2000  Dwaine Mabry  [email protected]  Winston-Salem NC....USA  My uncle was Killed at Corrigador...a POW

 June 5, 2000  William G.Anberg  [email protected]  California  Member of Echo Company, 503rd Infantry, Okinawa from 5-62 to 11-63, 503rd was disbanded and the 173rd was formed. A member of the 173rd for approximately 6 months before returning to Fort Bragg and joining the 82nd, 325th Infantry.

 June 6, 2000  Bob Comer  [email protected]zznci2000.net  Magnolia, Ohio  Ed, Thanks for putting the link to Joe Glockner's website and my pictures of Corregidor. You may post my E-mail address if you like. I would like to hear from anyone interested in Corregidor and my duty at San Miguel Naval Communications Station. The pictures of San Miguel are at Joe's website also. They are under "duty stations" and "San Miguel". The tour I took to Corregidor was in the summer of 1970 and was a "Special Services" tour sponsored by the U.S. Navy. I was a Communications Technician (Petty Officer 2nd Class). Your Corregidor info is top-notch and is a great historical resource for anyone who was there or just wants to study WWII. Hats off to you for all of your hard work! 73, Bob Comer, former CTT2, U.S.N., current home: Magnolia, Ohio. Amateur Radio callsign: WA8LVY E-mail: [email protected]

 June 8, 2000  Scott Austine  [email protected]  Aurora, Colorado  I am a RPG fan involved in a Play-By-Mail simulation. I am playing the Philippines and your site has been quite helpful. I am presently browsing looking for clues for how I can better defend the country, specifically Corregidor. My grandfather was an officer aboard the USS Santa Fe ("The Lucky Lady"). It is from him that I got my interest in history, specifically WWII. Thank you for your effort(s). I really enjoy the site. I would welcome communication, from those interested in sharing their knowledge. Please feel free to use the above  address. Scott.>

 June 15, 2000  Steve Bardowski  [email protected]  Mechanicsburg PA, originally Gary Indiana  After downing a Jap Zero at Clark Field, and fighting during the 192nd Tank Battalions withdrawel to Bataan, my Dad was captured on the Rock, and ironically, the first unit I served with in the Army was the 60th ADA, which was the former 60th CA. While serving on Okinawa, I took leave spending a week in the PI. I hired a car, followed the route of the Death March, then hired a "banca" which took me out to Corregidor. We landed on the North Dock, in fact the pictures of the wooden wharf and beached banca look exactly as I remember them. A very memorable and moving web site!

 June 18, 2000  David Bogler  [email protected]  Miami, FL  My father, Leo J. Bogler, was on Corregidor

 June 19, 2000  William J. Ward  [email protected]  Stroudsburg ,Pa.  My 3rd cousin ,served with the 60th CA,Co.E, Battery E" at Fort Mills. His  was Pvt. Daniel "Danny" Miller, whom subsequently became a victim of the "Bataan Death March" I THANK YOU!, for your excellent site ,along with the painstaking efforts&sacrifices made. Respectfully, WJW 

 June 19, 2000  Joe Monteyro  [email protected]  The Philippines  This is a very good site. I have written stories about the Philippine Scouts and would like to contribute some of it to you. Also, how can I get in touch with George Munson? Please advise and keep up the good work.

 June 20, 2000  Robbie Bowling  [email protected]  Elfrida, Arizona 85610  Corregidor has haunted me since I was a small child in Texas. My brother, PVT Aubrey Lee Collins of the 59th Coast Artillery, Battery I was killed there about April 17, 1942.

 June 22, 2000  Sharon Bradley  [email protected]  Lansing, MI  I'd like information on the January 2001 trip to Corregidor for my father

 June 25, 2000  Ray Eschert  [email protected]  Charlotte NC  Fantastic site for those who are serious about the history fact and fiction of Corregidor.

 July 2, 2000  Tom Zero  [email protected]  Henderson, Nevada  Excellent site for those interested in this area of military history. It's personal with me as my late uncle was on beach defense at Ramsey Ravine with the 4th Marines during the battle of Corregidor. It's great that individuals have the desire and skill to build sites such as this one. 

July 2, 2000  Clair Edward Conzelman  [email protected]  Louisville, KY & Montpelier, VT  My grandfather, Clair McKinley Conzelman, was a Coast Artillery officer, USMA '26, who was captured on Corregidor and died on a POW ship in '44. Now buried at West Point.

 July 4, 2000  Andries Visser  [email protected]  Pretoria, South Africa  Thanks for a fascinating site. I have long been interested in the Philippines campaign and coastal fortifications, in particular the Manila Bay forts.

 July 13, 2000  J P Wysong  [email protected]  Massachuetts  I finished research for the 22nd Coast Artillery. I appreciate the fine work on this site. Congratulations.

 July 18, 2000  Larry Warren  [email protected]  Virginia Beach, VA.  Any info on POW Camps run by the Japanese, in the Philippines would be greatly appreciated. Lost relatives at Bataan. Presently researching for a novel

 July 20, 2000  Carl Vincent  [email protected]  Spokane, WA  FANTASTIC, FANTASTIC, FANTASTIC: This is an OUTSTANDING site. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the articles and viewing the pictures. I visited Corregidor once while serving in the Navy. I will never forget seeing the Top Side Barracks from the channel between the Rock and Bataan. I took major amounts of photo's. My dream is to some day return and spend a week on the island. I did bring back 2 artifacts: 1 US EM CA Insignia and a US Pineapple Grenade (it had been defused). The insignia is disc, circa WWI. It has the crossed cannons and shell for coastal artillery, and the letter "C". I don't know that much about the CA, but my guess the "C" stands for Battery C. It would be interesting to some how find out more about it. Once again, you have a great site.

 July 20, 2000  Carl Vincent  [email protected]  Spokane,WA  Forgot to add this to my last post. I know where there is a 6" Disappearing CA Gun, sitting in the middle of a field, rusting away. The gun is in the firing position. I mentioned this to the Fort Stevens Museum in Oregon, and I doubt if they ever followed up on it. It would certainly be great if an organization could get their hands on this gun and have it mounted in one of the many CA Forts, preferably on the West Coast. The gun is still US property, as it is on a US Military Reservation. But as the Military hasn't done anything with it, there is a possibility that it could be donated. On another note: Do any of you Bataan survivors remember a Cavalry Lieutenant d DW Robinson? He was captured on Bataan and spent the rest of the war as a POW. I have his spurs, the shirt he wore as a POW. Would like to hear from anyone who knew him.

 July 21, 2000  Monet Silvestre  [email protected]  Manila, Philippines  I'm 34yrs old and have lived of my life in the Philippines and as a Filipino. One visit to Corregidor 2yrs ago has made me proud of my ancestry and of the friendship we shared with our American brothers. I wish the day would come when war will never be a way to resolve our differences. May peace and love RULE!

 July 22, 2000  Chuck Cabbage  [email protected]  Margate, FL  Just wanted to up my  should someone come looking . . . The map room is a great addition, and I love it when I stop by and see new photos, maps or whatever have been posted. I hope that word will to continue to spread of your efforts can continue and this legacy will not be lost to time.

 July 22, 2000  James H. Kerns  [email protected]  San Marcos, California  I got this site just today from a good POW friend and have found it especially interesting. I was a Sgt. USMC on beach defense in James Ravine on Corregidor until May.6,1942 when the Island was surrendered to the Japanese. Spent 3-1/2 years a POW.A fantastic job you have done with this site.

 July 24, 2000  Mary Kirkpatrick  [email protected]  New York City  My father, Lt. Col. Lewis Spencer Kirkpatrick, died a prisoner of war in the Philippines. He had been been stationed on El Fraille, Ft. Drum, during the war.


 August 6, 2000  Martin Doyle  [email protected]  Fargo ND  Am doing research on the "genocide" of nurses and patients discovered following the return of American forces (as promised by Gen MacArthur), but am having little luck. Any suggestions? The only firm account of information so far has come from a gentleman in Salida, CO who insists he saw the corpses as a young man.

 August 6, 2000  Roger Vesper  [email protected]  Currently in AZ  My father, Ralph D. Vesper served and was later captured on Corregidor. I kick myself now for not asking him to write down his memories before his death but I figured I would find out later. As best I can recall from what he told me, he enlisted in Farmington NM in 1939. He was originally posted to a 3" AA site on Bataan but was evacuated to Corregidor before the Bataan surrender. He talked about being on Battery Way and destroying the guns the night of the Japanese invasion. He had friends on the 12" rifles and coast mortars but I don't ever recall him talking about firing them himself. He said that he was in the tunnel when Battery Geary was destroyed. I have a photo of him in a campaign uniform that I believe was taken on Bataan before the war. I believe that after capture he was first sent to Camp O'Donnell. He was liberated at Yokohama where he was forced to work in the shipyard. Some where between O'Donnell and Yokohama, he worked in a copper smelting mill in Japan but I don't know where. After liberation he was

 August 6, 2000  Richard Johnsen  [email protected]  Florida  My Uncle was in Battery E 59th Coast Artillery at Fort Drum. He passed away in 1999. In his possessions was a photo album with approximately 50 photos taken on the Island. i would like to share this piece of history with someone who might be interested.

 August 6, 2000  Richard Johnsen  [email protected]  Florida  I neglected to say in my previous  that my uncle was stationed at Fort Drum in 1947.

 August 6, 2000  Richard Johnsen  [email protected]  Florida  Mistake # 2 the year was 1937.


 August 10, 2000  John M. Slater  [email protected]  El Paso, Tx, living presently in Seattle  My father, John E. Slater was a 20 year old sergeant in the 60th Coastal AA, Co. B when Corregidor fell, and spent most of his time while a "guest of the emperor" in Mukden Manchuria. He never talked much about his experience and I felt compelled to respect that. Having lost him four years ago, I do wish that I tried to get a bit more of his personal story however. I miss him terribly, and find books & websites like yours something of a communion with him. I'd be delighted to hear from anyone who knew him then.

 August 12, 2000  John Edwards  [email protected]  Canada  Excellent site! I am interested in the recapture of Corregidor. Are there any photos, articles about the recapture? The men showed great courage in the siege. They were let down by the politicians and Mac Arthur. Talk about a general with a big ego and over rated. I think Stillwell and Slim were better leaders.

 August 12, 2000  Mary C. May  [email protected]  Tallahassee FL  Viewed the maps.


 August 21, 2000  Joseph A. Decker, Jr.  [email protected]  Originally, Laredo, Texas, but I live in Katy, Texas and work in downtown Houston, Texas  My cousin, Refugio Guerra from Laredo Texas, is desperately trying to find someone who knew his brother, Luis Guerra also from Laredo, Texas who was with the 60th Coastal Artillery on Corregidor when it fell to the Japanese. His brother Luis, survived the death march, survived the transport prisoner ships to Japan, survived Osaka, Japan, and was sent to work at a Japanese coal mine in Japan, possibly northern Japan, where he contracted a fever and became delirious. One night he turned to his buddies and they said he said "I 'm going home" , he walked out the barracks, climbed the barbed wire and he was shot. His buddies have since died, and my cousin is trying to find anyone who remembers his brother, the camp that they were at, the  of the mine, the city if possible, and anyone who remembers the incidents, and possible s. Luis Guerra was a young American when he died as slave labor to the Japanese and my cousin is trying to fill out some forms that may result in compensation from the Japanese corporations for his death a

 August 21, 2000  Joseph A. Decker, Jr.  [email protected]  Katy, Texas  completing message - for his death and lack of medical attention. Please contact me at my e-mail address or Refugio Guerra at (956)723-5306 in Laredo,Texas. Any information will be greatly appreciated to complete these forms and seek compensation from the Japanese corporations. My home phone is (281) 347-4355, work phones are (713)752-8438 Mondays, (281)238-8007 Tuesday-Friday. Thank you for your web page!

 August 21, 2000  Major Glenn MacDonald, USAR (ret)  [email protected]  1786 East Lindrick Drive Chandler, AZ 85249 USA  I have been on Corregidor several times: in 1973, 1974 and 1976 when I was the ABC RADIO NEWS correspondent in Manila. I knew James Black, then of Proctor & Gamble in Manila. He showed me around the island. How can I contact him now? What is his e-mail? Many years later, prior to my retirement, I was a military historian assigned to the Army War College, Carlisle Barracks, Pa. I knew a retired USMC CPT Danny Howell who was very interested in Corregidor. How do I get in contact with him? He used to live on the island. I have photos taken on Corregidor and a tape of a broadcast I did (1974) on ABC RADIO from inside Malinta tunnel. Please contact me ASAP. Thank you!

 August 23, 2000  MiltonJ. Davis  [email protected]  Manchester, MI  I would to send you the address of one of the man who served with the 503rd. This  is: Robert L. Belville 11000 Dewitt Rd. Belleville,MI 48111-1392 BCo 1Bn 503rd in Philippines and 188th Prch't Reg. 11th Airbone in Japan. Bottom of FormTop of Form August 28, 2000  LUCY BOWERMAN DENISON  [email protected]  HOUSTON,TX  MY FATHER WAS A PRISONER OF WAR ON THE ISLAND OF CORREGIDOR FOR 18 MONTHS.


 August 28, 2000  Scott Lieffers  [email protected]  US, and Philippines  Hey, I am probably quite a bit younger than most that come here(19), but I grew up in the Philippines as a missionary kid, and every time they let us out of school, we went survival camping there. My friends and I have extensively explored the island, found many caves, and fox holes, some probably not visited for a couple of decades. We have caught and eaten snakes and lizards, and had all sorts of fun. We can still dig up all sorts of stuff from the war. Though lately they have begun to frown on that more and more. I have some really cool coins, slugs, bottles, and all sorts of stuff. Oh well write me.

 September 1, 2000  Clarence D. LAIL  [email protected]  Virginia  Served on USS CONVERSE DD509 providing gunfire support for the recapture of Corregidor.

 September 3, 2000  Betsy Conzelman  [email protected]  Originally VT, now NC  My father was born on Corregidor on Jul 25, 1928. His family was assigned to a 2nd tour 1939-41 and were evacuated without their father on the ship that was to take them home at the end of the tour. My grandfather's orders were changed and he stayed on Corregidor to the end. He died on the Enoura Maru. My grandmother (now 96) lives with us in NC. Dad remembers Corregidor well - his father used to take him around the batteries. They vacationed at Baguio. He last saw his father on the wharf at Manila. Glad to see a Corregidor Historical Society website. Thanks, Betsy

 September 11, 2000  Cindy Crawford  [email protected]  Batavia, Ohio USA  I am the daughter of Sherman L. Durham, 2nd Bn, HQ Co, 503rd PIR.

 September 11, 2000  Capt Herman Stein  [email protected]  West Chester Pa  I was with the 38th Inf Div, After your outfit jumped, We made the amphibious landing on South Beach. I remember you had a lot of casualties that got hung up on the Rocks. I have a book with glossy pictures of all the Battles my Div was in including Corregidor. Ps I believe you meant 38th Div not 34th

 September 13, 2000  Herb Gordon  [email protected]  Columbus Ohio  I had the good fortune to have correspondence with Mr McGrew, and he gave me this web site, I am the son of Herbert Robert "Bob" Gordon, he was on Corregidor when it fell, and I am attempting to find out more on his wartime experiences. I just logged on for a moment but will defiantly come back and look soome more, You should be very proud of what you have complied here and hope to see more as my time permits, Best Regards Herb Gordon

 September 13, 2000  James  [email protected]  Canada  The Ultimate Corregidor resource! Well done, I enjoy exploring your page!

 September 15, 2000  DCTaylor  [email protected]  Richmond, California  Thank you for the wonderful site. I was only a young boy when I followed the war in the Pacific from Monterey, California. So, I am filling in my knowledge by reading as much as I can in preparation for the writing of a novel on this period of time in Asia and the Philippines. The deaths of combatants on both sides, along with the millions of civilians that perished, should never be forgotten.

 September 15, 2000  michael burnette  [email protected]  up-state New York  father was on the USS Canopus when Corregidor fell

 September 18, 2000  Mark  [email protected]  Florida  I spent many days and hours exploring Corregidor back in the late 60's when I was a teenager. My father was stationed at Sangley Point and I was an Explorer Scout. We scouts made several camping trips to Corregidor. We got there via Navy LST. This site brings back many memories of that time, which was about 20 years after the War (can it be over 30 years ago already?).

 September 18, 2000  Matthew Adams  [email protected]  Australia  The Corregidor lighthouse on Topside was used as the basis for the coordinate system for the survey of defensive positions in Manila and Subic Bays. Does anyone have the lat long co-ords for this lighthouse?

 September 18, 2000  sascha jean jansen  [email protected]  8100 Pleasants Valley Rd Vacaville, CA 95688  Hi, I am interested in this sight because I was a US citizen born in the PI in 1933. My family had been in the sugar business since 1919,raising a lot of cane, so to speak. (sorry) When the war started we were brought to Santo Tomas Camp and were prisoners for over three years till we were liberated by the Flying Column of the 1st Cav on Feb 3rd - 1945. Today, I design and conduct tours back to the PI for the prisoners of STO Tomas and the liberators who freed us. I love doing this because it gives everyone who attends so much pleasure and fulfillness in our lives. I know, I was there. You have no idea how much we appreciated you boys coming to liberate the PI and bring it back to peace and liberty. You will always be our heroes. Love you all - sascha jean

 September 22, 2000  Arthur M Wyatt  [email protected]  Spartanburg S.C.  I was a US Navy seabee from 1981-1989. In Nov. 1987 I was part of a 22 man Det. that deployed from Sibic Bay to Corregidor for two months to do repair work to the monument. We did repair work on the comfort rooms at the museum, redid the tar and gravel roof, power washed the marble, attempted to repair the generator and did many other various jobs at the site. We also put a new roof on the school house bottom side. I am a WWII Buff so being on Corregidor was a very enjoyable experience for me. I spent many hours exploring the gun emplacements, barracks, tunnels and other places of interest. The pictures I took while there are my most cherished of all I took while in the Navy. It's my dream to someday be able to return. Thanks for keeping the memory of Corregidor and the sacrifices made there alive.

 September 23, 2000  Will Walker  [email protected]  Pocahontas, Arkansas  This is a very very informative site. I am doing research on Battery "H"(Geary) of the 59th Coast Artillery that was on Corregidor. My grandfather, Raymond Walker, was in the battery. I have found through getting some personnel records on the battery that nearly 2/3 of the battery was already killed by the time the surrender came. I found out that at least 10 died on the hellships on the way to Japan. 3 of them died in the Palawan Massacre. Some of the them just "disappeared" as prisoners. Nobody knows what happened to some of them. Anyone with information on any of them men from Geary please contact me. Thanks.

 September 27, 2000  robert r. wagner  [email protected]  washington state, usa  Really enjoyed meeting you in Fayetteville, No. Carolina at our Sep 2000 reunion. You deserve some kind of commendation for making such a gigantic effort to be with us.

 September 27, 2000  Lloyd Ernst Mielenz Jr.  [email protected]  Raleigh, NC ,USA  I lived at 19 Lower quarters May 1939 until Feb 1942. My Father was post Engineer and in 1941 was OIC of fortification work at the harbor defenses, built two-thirds of a mile of concrete-lined tunnel. In 1948-49 he was Chief Military History, Corps of Engineers.

 September 30, 2000  Val F. Gavito  [email protected]  Houston, Texas  I was secretary to Col. Paul D. Bunker, 59th CAC Regimental Commander, Ft. Mills, P.I., between May 1941 and May 1942.

 October 2, 2000  Gary R. Walden  [email protected]  Charlotte, NC  My father is Ralph W. Walden, defender of Corregidor at Ft. Drum and POW.

 October 10, 2000  RANDY OTOOLE  [email protected]  BERKLEY MI 48072-2140  excellent site

 October 10, 2000  Winston Flores  [email protected]  Philippines  I was interested in Corregidor because I want to show my kids that war is not a one day or one week affair. I hope that once they see the structures, guns and tunnels, etc. it will be planted in their mind the effects of a real war.

 October 14, 2000  George D. Munson  [email protected]  Bremerton, Washington  Studying the Harbor Defenses of Manila and Subic Bays has been a long time hobby. I'm especially interested in Forts Frank and Wint plus the 91st and 92d Coast Artillery regiments.

 October 19, 2000  J. Thomas Caines  [email protected]  Palm Desert, CA  I served during WWII from 1943 to 1946 - eighteen months of my duty was aboard U.S.S. Paul G. Baker (DE-642) in the Pacific. Since then I've been interested what all the services accomplished during this trying period of our history, particularly about those who went through so much during the early months of the war. Thanks for sharing this with us. 

 October 21, 2000  Michael Donegan - Naval & Aviation Artist  [email protected]  Union City, California  Back in 1970, my ship the USS KITTY HAWK would spend time in Subic between tours in Vietnam - I went to Grande Island a lot and was haunted by what I saw with all of the ruins and cannons - I have never forgotten that - Not only have you allowed me to relive some memories but not you have ignited a keen interest in me to go future and learn of the men of Corregidor and of some of the other batteries around the Philippines. Michael Donegan NAVYDAZE

 October 22, 2000  Dennis John S Laceda  [email protected]  Philippines  I have spent a lot time away from my country of birth. Going places that most Filipinos just dream of. Big and great cities. Having their own story to tell. Then i realized what does the Philippines have to say? It has a lot actually but it is overshadowed by other things. Some degrades or misrepresent who Filipinos really are. That's why i understand those who left the Philippines seeking for better life. Some of them, sad to say, at a point denounced and even lied that their lineage comes from the Philippines. So i decided to embark on a series of project. Starting with a feasibility study to restructure Corregidor. Hopefully to bring back the honor of being a Filipino. God Bless you with what you've done. As the Filipino saying goes "ang taong hindi marunong lumilingon sa nakaraan ay hindi makakarating sa karoroonan"... "a person who doesn't know to look back at the past, will never reach his destination."

 October 25, 2000  SGM Lynn LaFever Sr  [email protected]  Nashville TN  Thanks for the Web Site

 October 27, 2000  DuWayne Gunderson  [email protected]  Ashville Ohio  Just remembering 503rd, 1951

 October 28, 2000  Chad Hill  [email protected]  Mt. Juliet, TN  Absolutely the finest WW2 website I have viewed. I was based at Subic Bay, R.P., from 1985-88 while in the USN. Made a half-dozen trips to Corregidor, and a couple to Bataan (toured Quinauan Point, Mt. Samat, Mt. Natib Trail, Death March Road), and Camp O'Donnell. Am sorry to hear that Water Tank Hill has apparently been bulldozed-- a tremendous historical loss if true. Would possibly be interested in becoming a party to any future expeditions. Chad Hill


 November 5, 2000  Robert Stebbins  [email protected]  Running Springs Calif.  Was at Corregidor in 1960 was stationed at Sangley Point Cavity. I have several photos of Corregidor on 35 mm slides that I haven't seen for 40 years but now after looking at this web site I have to dig them out of where every they are and check them out. Bob

 November 11, 2000  Jerry Miller  [email protected]  Connecticut  I am doing a postal history exhibit on Bataan & Corregidor Remembered. I visited Corregidor in 1946 & 47 while in the army. Have also been back several times. Last time 1999 with the Battling Bastards of Bataan. Too much history there to pass up. Would love to get an envelope from one of the units involved in the recapture.

 November 14, 2000  Robert Ballay  [email protected]  American living in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia  I work with a Filipino man, whose Father was an 18 year old working for the US Army when WW II started. His home, then and now, is directly on the Bataan Death March Route. He saw it all. I've been to visit him twice, and at the same time visited Corregidor twice. He's a very pleasant man, but when the issue of Japanese atrocities, against Filipinos and Americans, come up there is a very marked change in his personality. The Corregidor tour (only a single Company is allowed to conduct tours) is absolutely the best tour I have ever had, any time, any place. History simply permeates the place. I enjoyed your web site. Robert Ballay

 November 15, 2000  John Holmes  [email protected]  Nova Scotia, Canada  Let me apologize for not being back to this incredible site in a while. I was elated to find the "G" Co. pictures posted as my father had all those pictures, unfortunately many were lost. I have never been able to pick out my uncle John A Holmes in any of the group photos. Still hoping to hear from any of the veterans that knew him. I would also like to post Uncle John's letters home on the 503 site, how do i go about doing this? Thank you for a great site and mostly thank you for your sacrifice. Lest we forget.

 November 23, 2000  John Montgomery  [email protected]  Havelock, Nc  During my 30 years in the US Navy I have been to the Philippines many times the last being fm Jan. 82 to jun. 85 at Cubi Pt RP. I made three trips tp Corregidor during that time. Born in 1937 I have some vivid recollections of world was II. I think it is a pity that the us and the RP have grown so far apart that the combined effort which server to beat the Japanese in WWII is no longer celebrated in either sides memories. While in the Philippines I grew to know and love the country and her people. We have a special bond to each other because of what happened back then. I believe that if both governments would listen to the people on both sides from that generation and what we have in our hearts a renewed understanding would develop between these historical friends. It has to happen though while there are people are still around who remember, understand and love each other on both sides. I also travelled the route of the death march visited Mt. Samat San Fernando and Capas, Tarlac and realized just how close we were during those years. M

 November 26, 2000  Richard Colton  [email protected]  Chino Hills, CA  I am seeking information about my uncle, PFC Charles D. Test, who was a member of the 59th. Coast Artillery Reg. on Corregidor from April or May, 1941 until the fall in May, 1942. He was held prisoner until his death on the Arisan Maru in Oct. 1944

 November 26, 2000  Jon Mueller  [email protected]  Tampa  I am doing research on WWII Army and Marine battles in the Pacific. I am an ex-Paratrooper with the 1/503d, 173d ABN BDE.

 November 28, 2000  David W White  [email protected]  Vancouver, Washington  Interesting Site from a neglected part of WWII History

 November 28, 2000  Rob McKie  [email protected]  New Zealand  Thanks for an excellent site,I first visited Corregidor in 1988 for the stock standard one day visit. in 1996 I spent three days on the island, at that time I only had an 1986 issue of National Geographic and Belote and Belote's book "CORREGIDOR" to guide me around. I did the stock standard tour, as I had paid for them and then I spent the remaining time exploring the island on foot, I only wish that I had better maps to guide me and about an extra week. I have found the maps on this site and all I need now is some more time. Thanks for an great site Regards Rob McKie

 December 4, 2000  Franklin D. McCoin  [email protected]  Myrtle Beach, S.C.  I was a member of the Mortar Battery 2/503 on Okinawa 1960 thru 1962 just got on the net and i like what I have been viewing. YOU GUYS where the greatest. and this web site not bad.

 December 4, 2000  John J. Durr  [email protected]  Florida, USA  Wonderful pictures, I'm a fan of old gun emplacements. My younger brother was a career USAF officer stationed in the Philippines during the Vietnam period. He had many pictures of the gun works. I'm pleased to see some group reclaiming history. We in the States tend to tear down structures as they become "old" Railroad stations, round houses etc. Thank you very much for you collective efforts. I have the site bookmarked. I served in the U.S. Navy during the Korean "Police Action" HA!

 December 6, 2000  Marion L. Jones  [email protected]  Colorado  My brother Robert (Bob) D. Jones, Pvt. was with Battery Geary of the 59th CAC on Corregidor and was captured and later on October 24, l944 died when the Japanese ship ARIAN MARU was sunk by the American Sub SHARK II in the South China Sea. I would appreciate any information concerning my brother.

 December 8, 2000  tim ritter  [email protected]  Boise, Id USA  interested in the history of the Corregidor battles in WWII-my father was a member of "the rock force" that returned in 1945{503 rct}. thank you for the website.

 December 11, 2000  Todd Schwartz  [email protected]  Manila  I am the Cubmaster with Cub Scout Pack 356 at Brent International School here in Manila. We are planning to take a group of about 60 Cub Scouts (grades 1-5) out to Corregidor in January, and I just wanted to let you know how useful I have found your website. Children this age have no idea the kind of sacrifices were made on Corregidor, but we hope to be able to share a bit of that with them; to teach them concepts like perseverance and honor. And I know that, as the barracks and gun batteries continue to crumble, these boys may not be able to show their children the memorials to the heroes of Corregidor, but I hope they remember enough to tell their children and grandchildren. Thanks again for a wonderful site.

 December 12, 2000  Steve Weber  [email protected]  Cincinnati, OH  My wife is travelling to Manila on business and is taking the tour/boat trip to Corregidor Island. I am sure she will learn many interesting things regarding the battle and sacrifice of so many American lives in the pursuit of freedom. In the times such as we live in today, it makes their sacrifices all the more important when we come to realize how petty (in comparison) our worries are today. Sincerely, Steve Weber

 December 15, 2000  Larry Sharp  [email protected]  Charleston,South Carolina  I have some photos of Corregidor, Fort Drum and Grandee Island (Ft Wint) that I took during my navy career. The photos range in s from 1970-1983, if you are interested in them for your website please contact me. Larry

 December 16, 2000  Fred Martin  [email protected]  New Jersey (across from Philadelphia)  I was informed of your web site by a cousin who was in the 509th. I spent some time in the 503rd between December 1944 and September 1945, and left to join the 11th Airborne in Japan. I enjoy reading the incidents and amazed how much of those hectic days are locked back in my memory. Congratulations on your achievement and keep up the good work. Fred Martin, Rgt Hdq. before the

 December 18, 2000  RICHARD KELLY  [email protected]  Forest Grove, Oregon  My dad James Blair Kelly was at Corregidor. He passed away when I was very young. I know that along with being in the Philippines, he was at Hollandia, New Guinea, & Australia. My mother said the only thing he ever told her was that he helped clean out the caves on Corregidor. It was terrible. At the time he was probably 16 or 17, as he enlisted in the Army before he was 18. I would be very interested in visiting with anyone who knew of him. I think he was wounded and was home in Oregon before the end of the war.

December 20, 2000  Ed Armstrong  [email protected]  Satellite Beach Florida 32937  I believe my grandfather was attached to the Philippine Scouts in 1915. My father was born on Cebu while his dad was at Warwick Barracks. Is there any information available concerning 1915 Lieutenant Fredrick Martin Armstrong Jr?

08/08/01 04:46:07 PM Dick Standefer, D.D.S. Thanks for offering another place to honor the brave ones who helped preserve our freedom. I am trying to find information regarding my uncle John Young Standefer PhM3c Navy medic, 4th Marines, listed on the roster of the Arisan Maru. I have several of his letters and heard lots about him growing up. I made trips to our cemetery every memorial day with my grandmother to put flowers by his stone. Thanks again for defending our freedom,
Sincerely, Dick Standefer, D.D.S.

 08/02/01 01:00:44 PM  Pat McQuillan;  Dear Sir:In your section of "Units and Personel", there was an article titled "My Father's Memoirs" written by Ken Hess, son of R.W.Hess. In the article there is a Picture of George W. Roberts, who was killed on February 22nd, 1945. Is it possible to get in touch with Ken Hess either by mail or e mail? thank you, pat mcquillan

 08/01/01 11:42:41 PM  Son of John F. Fox; John died July 27, 2001

He is my Father and recently best friend. I am sorry to see him go but like all fallen in battle I am proud to have been his oldest son. He had six children and will be interned at Ft. Sam Houston, Texas.

I am sorry but I cry for my Dad as you cried for your fallen as you jumped on Corregidor and Noemphor and Mindoro. Sorry if all are not correct but my Dad jumped all 3.

He will be place to rest with all the vets at the Sam Houston National Cemetery Friday August 3 at approx 13:00 Hours. I could compose an eulogy for my Dad but I am sure all his comrades can do much better as you were at his side in WWII.

His wife and my Mother remain along with 3 additional brothers and 2 sisters. If any of his comrades are in the San Antonio Area please join us for his final resting place. He retired as a Lt. Col. in the MC and there are not may in that group with 3 bronze stars on the jump wings. I can be reached at [email protected] Our family can be reached at (512) 249-0951

My Dad left a Jacket with many jump badges with a museum and his family does not know where it was placed. We do not want it back but do have other pictures and memorilia that may deserve a place in history.

Contact me any time - John F. Fox, Jr. Born Nov. 4, 1946 or any of my younger brothers and sisters.

 08/01/01 07:57:32 PM Pat McQuillan -In your list of those who were killed in action is the name of George W. Roberts Jr. of Company H. George was from St.Paul, Minnesota, so you could add Mn.on the list.
Enjoyed you website, George was my best friend.
I served with the 45th Inf. 180th rgt. in Italy and France and Germany.
Pat McQuillan

 07/26/01 07:36:02 AM  G. Keene Anderson - GHQ-Website honors all those that served and gave the ultimate sacrifice in WWII. I was stationed at Sangley Point, Cavite in 1969 in the USN with VP-48. I was able to go twice to Corregidor for a visit. I was awed and felt very humble to see living history not in a book or in a video. My father served in the USMC 1st Marine
Division in WWII and I can understand just a little of what he went thru and the sacrifices
that were made. This website needs to be passed on forever, so that we don't forget what has happened then and what could happen again. Thank
You for your hard work and time in keeping this
web site in operation........

 07/22/01 02:21:32 PM  Chase Allen From Burnsville, MN - Would like to hear from anyone who served with or has knowledge of my brother 2/LT Robert Allen 462 Prcht FA Bn, KIA on 16 Feb '45 in the Corregidor assault.

 07/07/01 11:08:39 AM  Andrew Mossberg, Miami, Florida : Hi, I'm interested in hearing any reminences or details of Harry Fineman, who I'm told was the first Delawarian to die in the pacific war. He was killed in Corrigador while getting water, I believe. I've been told that the VFW in Wilmington, DE is named after him. He was my great uncle.thanks

 06/22/01 08:47:06 AM  Chris LeBlanc, Melrose,Mass: My name is Chris LeBlanc I am 30 years old.I am U.S. Navy veteran of the Gulf war. I just wanted to express my sincere thanks to the Greatest Generation. We must never forget the sacrifices the men and women of that generation have made.And through this website their stories can be told. BRAVO ZULU TO THIS WEB SITE.

 06/02/01 05:00:42 PM  Donna Murphy, Dear Paul, Thank you very much! What a great website this is. I've learned a lot about my dad's history, and history in general, as a result of having found this site. My children have also learned along with me, and seen the pictures, studied the maps, and heard some of the Paratroopers' stories along with me. It's created a wonderful link for all of us to each other, and given my dad the chance to tell us about that time in his life. Thank you again!
Donna Murphy

 05/31/01 02:55:31 AM Dylan Matthews, Auckland, New Zealand : I am a 15 year old boy from New Zealand and I am undertaking a history project on Corregidor Island during World War II. I visited Corregidor Island 5 weeks ago with my high school class while we were in Manila. I would like a World War II Corregidor Island veteran to answer some questions on their experience on the island during the war. Can you contact me so I can ask you some questions?

 05/30/01 08:07:05 PM  John Leshinski 503rd 4th Platoon D Company Mortarman ; Tracy Weiler (nee Leshinskie) Any information on my Great-Uncle John Leshinski would be greatly appreciated. He was KIA Monday Feb 19, 1945 in the Battle at Wheeler Point. Any photos would be wonderful to see. I can be reached at [email protected]

 05/30/01 06:29:07 PM  Randolph Hathcock: Looking for Richard Hess He was from Indiana. The only other information I have is that he was in Mobile, Al during World War II. I do not know if he was just passing through or if he was there for a while. I would like to find him if living or any family that would be willing to talk to me.

 05/29/01 10:39:08 AM  Col.(ret) Tommy L. Love; My father, Harry N. Love, served with the 503rd during WW II. I would like to find information about his experiences, awards, and would like to contact any of his 'buddies'

 05/25/01 08:28:11 AM  Katie Gavin; My father was in the 503rd company D. His name was Blaine Ward. I would like to find out more information regarding the 503rd. I have his metals and I am not sure what they mean. I also have a picture of the company before they left the states in 1942( I am not sure of the year). I would appreciate someone from the company contacting me.

Katie Gavin
325 Iowa Street
Crescent City, CA 95531

Thank you

 05/12/01 01:59:05 PM  Ron Shook; ATTENTION: ALL HISTORIANS< BEWARE! This site will draw you and you will find yourself completely lost (thank God, Paul has easy ways out)! This is my 4th visit and STILL haven't covered it all! Good Luck to you all!

 05/07/01 12:47:18 PM Ron ShookBatesville, In USA : People: I have visited your site for about 6 - 8 hours and have just scratched the surface. I would not have believed such a complete collection could exist without seeing it. I'm passing it on! A really great job!

 05/02/01 03:42:28 PM Lloyd LeBlanc, Mill Valley, CA: I am a former Marine and amateur military historian, and a friend of a number of Bataan-Corregidor vets, including RICHARD KEECH, who was captured as a member of the 4th Mar in May42. I am well briefed on the 1941-42 PI battles, but your site has some new things to add to my store of information. Thank you so much for putting this together.

03/22/03 10:16:09 AM Richard L. Press Randolph, NJ: Walter Press, Pfc, 503 RCT, Battery A - served with bravery and distinction all over the Pacific Theatre Born: 3/12/20 Died of natural causes: 12/14/99 Leaving two children, four grandchildren, a wife of 57 years, and 35 years of serving the City of New York with valor as a much decorated police detective. Walter always was extremely proud to be a fighting member of the 503rd and was so very proud of all of you. I am so very proud of him and all of you too. I miss him, and I know he missed you! I know, since I am his son. God Bless You All. Richard L. Press



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