The 503d PRCT's Negros Journals
The Identification Project

Battlebook - Corregidor

503d PIR as a Case Study
503d Prcht Inf Regt
S-3 Corregidor Operation  Report
Dear Mother and Dad           
Richard Adams
My Recollection of Negros Island - Lou Aiken
Nadzab Assault Saved Airborne - David Cordero
The Mindoro Invasion Field Order 22 May, 1944
"A" Company Diary 21 August 1941 - 10 November 1945
Japs in American Clothing
Chet Nycum / Paul Whitman
Jack Weiss - 501st, 503d & 95
Carl White
The Warden - George M Jones
Don Abbott
 Sentimental Journey
Don Abbott
The Return To The Rock

Recapture of Corregidor

Corregidor Revisited
- Dick Adams 2011

With the 503d PRCT on Corregidor

Before the Big Bang
Jerry Riseley

- Reunion Update 1948/1949

A Small Piece of War
Robert W. Armstrong

Frank Zore's Collection



 Facets of the Corregidor Experience

 Reports of General MacArthur - Corregidor  -  Negros

 Triumph in the Philippines - Corregidor  - Negros

 Gordonvale Diary 1943
- Jim Mullaney

After Action Reports Corregidor

Writing about the Battle at Wheeler Point

Recalling My War

 The Basic Trainee

The Gaston Deliverance
(Negros, June 1945)

Contents of the Corregidor
Field Orders

Newsreel - Cleaning Up Corregidor

John Moffitt's Aerial Photos of Corregidor

2nd Bn HQ Company's
Corregidor Journal
"E" Company's Corregidor Journal
Regimental Surgeon's Historic Report on Corregidor 
Commander's Historic Report on Corregidor 
462d Prcht FA Bn Battery "D" History (Corregidor)
462d Prcht FA Bn Battery "D" History (Negros)
40th Inf. Div. (with 3d Bn, 503d PRCT attached) Negros Operation
A Red Cross Man on Corregidor - Eyewitness Statement
An Outline of Events at Wheeler Point on the Night 18/19 February, 1945
Souveniring on Corregidor
Letter Dated 4 March 1945
Engineer's Report on Corregidor Operation
G-2 Report on Japanese Units and Troop Strength on Corregidor
 Communication Report & Encl. Corregidor Island Op No. 48  
 Corregidor Island Operation - Anonymous Narrative  
   Jump on Nadzab 
 Silver Star / Bronze Star
Medals   (A-Z) 
Report on Jap Naval Suicide Crash Boat Tactics
Shin'yo Tai That Died In An Honorable Defeat
History of Company "E"
503d Prcht.Inf.
A Partial History of the Negros Campaign.
Negros Was No Playground
"B" Co. in Negros
Tracing the Tokaido Road
(Negros, P. I. )
503d History
and Chronology
My Private War -
Still Photo Archive Feature
GI Philippine Scrapbook
Still Photo Archive Feature
The Making of the Digital 1921 Corregidor Map
Operations of the 503d PIR in Markham Valley, September 1943
Photos of the Departure for the  Markham Valley, September 1943
Chronological History of Company "F" 503d Parachute Infantry.
"D" Company Attack on Battery Monja, 21 February 1945
2d Bn. 503d PRCT
Aid Station Roster
Memories of a Tragic Day
26 Feb 1945
In The Southwest Pacific With The 503 1942-1945
Peltzelt's Low Trajectory Mortar - A Unique 60mm Weapon
The Battle for Negros Turned Out To Be  One Of  The Toughest
Sightseeing Corregidor
On A Wooden Leg
Coming Back
(to Gordonvale, Australia)
George Ruhlen's Collection
(Pre-War Corregidor)
A Handful of Silk and God,
That's All
War's End - Surrender of the Japanese Forces on Negros
Corregidor Island Operation - USAFFE Report No. 308
Three Flashlites on Corregidor - Lou G. Aiken
Recollections of Corregidor
Fitzhugh Millican
D Co Attack on Btry Monja on 24 February 1945
503d PRCT  Placenames Maps
The Noemfoor Subway
- Louis G. Aiken Sr.
The Japanese Who Await
- William T. Calhoun
One Bronze Arrowhead
from "Bless 'em All"
Japanese POW's on

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