8 Sept 42

The company and attached personnel received a leave of one and one half days in Los Angles, Calif.


12 Sept 42

Company returned to Fort Bragg, N. C.


9 Oct 42

First word that our company was going oversea came between the first and ninth of Oct 42 and on the tenth we were enrout to Camp Stoneman, Calif.   Arrived at Stoneman by way of train Thru Rocky Mt.


15 Oct 42

Company embarked on the "Poulau Laut" a Dutch ship, and sailed from San Francisco on the 20th of Oct. 42.  Destination unknown.  A large convoy left with our ship but left on the Second Day.  We were alone throu out the voyage.


1 Nov 42

Arrived at Panama Canal on the Pacific side at Camp Kobe, staying only long enough to pick up the original Battaion of the 501st who were stationed there.  They made up the 2nd Bn. Of our Regt. and made it complete.


2 Nov 42

The ship again on its way and this time everyone knew the destination was Australia.


5 Nov 42

Crossed the Equator.  All of the polly wogs became shell backs and were initiated into the realm of King Neptune with all pomp and ceremony whch took place on board ship


9 Nov 42

Crossed International Date Line and today became yesterday.


25 Nov 42

First sight of Australia by us at which time our ship signalled and the shore station signalled they had no room for us, so we sailed North arriving at Townsville three days later.  We signalled, the sign. and still no room.  On the second of Dec 42 we sighted Cairns. Qld. and went thru the routing of signalling.  The answere was "welcome".  At this time the Japs were trying to get at Fort Moresby and the use of our troops was evident, thought it did not materialize at this time.  Col. Kinsler was waiting on the dock for us and we docked and disembarked at 1645hr going from  Cairns to Gordonvale where we set up camp that night.  Total distnace traveled by water 12,948 miles.  time on ship  42 days


3 Dec 42

We built our camp on mile outside of Gordonvale during the next few weeks.


25 Jan 43

Kiri jump.  The field was hard and a fifteen mile wind was blowing causing 12 casualties though none were fatal.  Usual injuries of broken bones and sprains.


26 Feb 43


Three day regimental problem.  Incessant rain causing the Mulgrave river to become a torrent of water, well over normal level.  Pvt John Kobeska, a well liked member of the company was drowned in the river during the problem.


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